Fully automatic image measuring meter (a magical “ruler”)

“Dongguan Chuangjia Test Equipment Co., Ltd.” is a professional service manufacturer in laboratory testing equipment research and development, production, and sales system. The support and trust of new and old users. The headquarters factory is located in Dongguan City, which is convenient for transportation and the development of manufacturing. Our company’s products are widely used in batteries, electronics, LEDs, automobiles, plastics, hardware, toys, luggage, textiles, home appliances, medical care, and other industries. It is suitable for various enterprises, scientific research units, quality inspection institutions, academic discussions and other fields. Strictly refer to relevant countries and international industry standards. The company has always adhered to people -oriented, innovation as the motivation for development, and firmly implemented technological innovation, institutional innovation and management innovation. At present, the company already has a large number of high -quality professional talents, and has the courage to climb in the field of technological research and technological innovation.


Chuangjia Test always adheres to the business philosophy of “integrity -based, quality first, and collaboration”, adheres to the service concept of “providing professional laboratory testing equipment” as the service concept, serving the manufacturing industry in China, and providing product quality management and improvement provision to provide improvement and improvement of product quality Beyond test equipment. Direct and effective solutions, thoughtful and good technical services. Thanks to our persistent pursuit and depending on the support and recognition of the majority of new and old users, Chuangjia Test is working hard to shape the “excellent brand in the field of testing equipment”.

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