Mercedes -Benz launched the E -class dark kit, handsome and bonus, can you buy it in China?

Mercedes-Benz has officially released the EDIT EDITION (night) appearance kit exclusive to the E-Class car series. Combined with AMG-LINE’s sporty appearance and night sets of bright black parts, it brings the exclusive fashion style of the owner. The new appearance kit released this time includes the entire car system and other cars such as E-Class cars, station wagons and Coupé, and the price part will be slightly different according to the model and power form. The original factory stated that it will fall from 5,295.50 to 9,222.50. Between the euro, the European market has now been opened.


The blackening process of the whole car, the exclusive nameplate of the internal and external nameplate

The Night Edition appearance kit of the E-Class car series is designed based on AMG-LINE based on night sets. The single -grid diamond water box cover, exhaust pipe cover and rearview mirror of the black coating are also replaced by bright black, which was originally chrome -plated. The side is also posted with an exclusive Night Edition nameplate, which highlights its distinctiveness.


E-Class Night Edition echo the theme of the model in the car room. The interior under the black ceiling is used with silver and black aluminum with a dark wood grain decoration version to create a calm level inner and outer. In the leather part, car owners can choose artificial leather or NAPPA leather covering. The welcome pedal and carpet are also replaced with the exclusive style of the kit. With the Night Edition nameplate on the central saddle, the passenger vehicle is always reminded of the special identity of the passenger vehicle.

The entire car series is open and optional

Mercedes-Benz E-Class can be equipped with Night Edition appearance kit. In the European market, Coupé and convertible models are now open and purchased, and cars and station wagons will be open. The price of the kit will fall between the models from 5295.50 and 9222.50 euros.


With the release of large-model S-Class and C-Class one after another, although W213 E-Class has a small modified model update, it still belongs to the work of the previous generation. The full product adds highlights and maintains the combat power of the car.

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