Hyunbin couple’s honeymoon is super sweet! Wearing couple shoes like an old couple, Sun Yizhen becomes a bird with a bird

Since Sun Yizhen and Xuan Bin got married, the dynamics of the two have attracted much attention. After more than ten days of marriage, the two also opened the rhythm of honeymoon. I have to say that each time the two people are comparable to idol dramas. To be sweet. After all, the two are not only super -matching in terms of face value, but they also have a high -profile show every time!

Recently, some netizens showed photos of Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen on the social platform. The two held hands and walked in couple shoes.

Sun Yizhen’s shape


Hooding sweater+black pants

01 Black and White Basic Color to match


Sun Yizhen’s private wear is relatively simple, so it maintains simple shapes and atmospheric style as much as possible in color selection. White forms a contrasting color system to make the shapes and outline each other, showing modern and atmospheric style.

02 hooded design creates age reduction models


Although the overall as a whole is relatively simple, Sun Yizhen chose the hooded design, and the hooded design will make the overall look shaped the age of age. Urban beautiful field shows beauty in minutes, and can also outline laziness.

03 Combined with fashion items to play a role of concave shape

Secondly, when matching the shape, the Xuan Bin couple chose a fisherman hat to match. The design of the fisherman’s hat showed a loose version. Against the background, it was a lazy intellectual style, and it could also create a cover cover. The hairline and concave shape make the simple style still show the modern fashion atmosphere.


When mating with simple installation, in addition to Sun Yizhen’s or above, you need to combine the following style of dressing:


① Combined with different colors to make the shape rich and set out a sense of layering.

② Use the waistline to match, so that the overall look will create a clean and neat fan.

③ Again the outline of the shape, maintain simple and atmospheric style.

Compared with Xuan Bin, Sun Yizhen’s overall dressing is relatively simple. With a simple dress style, it can create fashion and beauty, and then interpret the modern fashion atmosphere. Sun Yizhen, who appeared in the public, focused on the workplace, showed elegance and dignity.

Suit+jeans+low -heeled sandals


01 Jeans and suit presents urban Beauty Fan


In the workplace installation, most of them are mainly sets. Under the outline of the suit, they can shape simple and atmospheric style, and then show the modern fashion atmosphere. Sun Yizhen chose a suit with a sense of contour with jeans, forming a tight match, making the overall look show the atmosphere.

02 Combined with the waistline to create a sharp style

Secondly, under the background of suit and jeans, Sun Yizhen combines the waistline’s wearing skills to outline the jacket corner method to cover the effect of covering the flesh and thinness. At the same time More importantly, under the outline of the suit, it can still show a sense of domineering and high -level, but Sun Yizhen, who is in hair, shows a sweet girl fan.

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