How much should I spend to buy a camera for photography?

As a video media editor, friends around you, including parents, often ask: “I want to learn photography, how much is a camera for a camera?” Or “I buy a mobile phone, can I learn photography well?”

摄影入门 该花多少钱买相机?

Although everyone is used to taking pictures of mobile phones, for many people, learning photography still requires professional cameras, using cameras to take pictures to truly appreciate the true meaning of photography. For learning photography, how much money to buy camera, what level of cameras should I buy, how to buy cameras, etc. Today, this [Daily Photography] learns photography as a question, and talk about the purchase of the camera.

Budget is important

摄影入门 该花多少钱买相机?

What to buy, the budget is very important, and the camera is no exception. You are interested in photography. Of course, buying a camera is also selected within the scope of economic conditions, but when you buy money, you must also clarify your goals.

How to choose the brand, type, and type of camera? For the entry players who have just prepared to learn photography, they don’t know much about the camera. When buying a camera, those who are ready to learn photography often consider how much money is appropriate and what camera to buy? Secondly, what can I think of buying this camera?

摄影入门 该花多少钱买相机?

Therefore, before entering the door of the photography, you must think about the above problems. If you make a decision, you will not make an error. Remember that the camera is to buy your own. The model that others like can be referred to, but it does not mean that it is suitable for you. This must be kept in mind.

After clarifying the goal, the next step is the investment of real gold and silver. Investment on the camera, the starting price of the camera that meets the entry of photography is basically about 7,000, 8,000 yuan, or even about 10,000 yuan. If you consider buying another lens, the cost of investing will be higher. However, with the current flagship mobile phone with a good camera performance, it is 5,000 yuan. A camera plus the price of about about around the lens is not too high. Of course, cheap cameras also have, but the experience effect is not good, but it will affect your interest and understanding of photography.

Finally, it is necessary to explain that learning photography is a process. Camera is just one of the tools for photography. Photography is a gradual process. It also takes time to find feelings. This is very important.

What kind of camera to buy

For the current purchase of cameras, it is nothing more than SLR and micro -single. If it was the first time I bought a camera, I still strongly recommend micro -single cameras. After all, micro -single cameras are the mainstream of the current, and it is also the product line that camera manufacturers focus on, and the development of camera development. As for SLR, it is not recommended for novices, but compared to the current micro -single camera, SLR is more traditional in handling, with a large volume, and lightweight design is not as good as micro -single.

摄影入门 该花多少钱买相机?

The second question is how to choose the full -frame and semi -format? If your budget is sufficient, it is recommended to choose a full -frame camera at once. For users who have just started learning photography, the performance of the camera is not much. The more valued picture quality can bring better picture quality performance, especially to shoot dark light or night view, there will be better painting Quality performance. For the half -frame, it is not necessary. The half -frame camera can also bring a good operating experience and cultivate the feeling of photography. The final decision is that your budget and needs are determined.

In terms of lens selection, although the lens of the micro -single camera is not yet rich in SLR cameras, it is completely sufficient to meet daily shooting. Although the SLR camera lens is rich, for the future scalability, it is not as good as micro -single cameras. With advantage.

What is your needs

In the previous article, we have always mentioned the word “demand”. For photography, cameras are also a tool to meet your needs. For many beginners, it is not clear about their own needs. It is more needed to take a camera for learning photography. While continuously improving the photography technology, it gradually clarifies its own shooting needs. , Still like to shoot humanities. Therefore, when I chose the camera at the beginning, I recommended the entry to select the kit. The lens such as 18-135, 18-55, and 18-200 of the kit. Although the shooting performance is performed, the lens focal length is more comprehensive. Meet most shooting needs. After you know the content you want to shoot in the future, choose the right focal length and lens, which will make your photography level improve more obvious.

After thinking about the selection of the camera, I will recommend several camera products to choose to buy.

摄影入门 该花多少钱买相机?

· Nikon Z5 set

The Nikon Z5 is currently the most recommended full -frame micro -single camera. It uses a 24 -megapixel full -frame sensor. It continues the Nikon Z series micro -single shape in the fuselage design. The control and grip feel are very good. The most important thing is that the price of the Nikon Z5 set is about 10,000 yuan, which is very suitable for the purchase of beginners.

· Canon EOS RP

摄影入门 该花多少钱买相机?

If you are a newcomer of photography and want to buy a micro -single camera, then we strongly recommend the Canon EOS RP. Canon EOS RP is currently a very cost -effective product among micro -single cameras. Canon EOS RP uses a 26.2 million pixel full -frame sensor, combined with the DIGIC8 image processor to provide the foundation for the high -quality quality of EOS RP. EOS RP’s imaging details, color, noise control, and tolerance all have satisfactory performance. The view of the JPEG format directly out of the photo is very good.

· Fuji X-S10

The Fuji X-S10 continues the look of Fuji retro appearance, but the lines are more tough, making this camera more outstanding. The Fuji X-S10 uses the same 26.1 million pixel APS-C format sensor as the X-T4, which has excellent image quality. At the same time, the camera is equipped with a new fuselage five -axis image stabilization, and cooperates with a more petite fuselage shape. The size of the anti -shake component is reduced by 30%, but the anti -shake effect is more outstanding. , The highest can reach the 6 -speed anti -shake effect, and the performance is very outstanding.

The above is the content of [Daily Photography], I hope it will be helpful to your photography.

摄影入门 该花多少钱买相机?


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