What are the types of mercury coating sunglasses?

The coating lens is actually using new technologies of optical film and vacuum to place a layer of thick or multi -layer optical film, so that the lens can obtain new skills that are not available. For example, the vision is clear, the light transmission is enhanced, and the lens reflection is reduced. The coating sunglasses use a coating lens. The following editors introduce the types of coating sunglasses.

1. General coating sunglasses

This sunglasses are actually plating a layer like mercury -like film on the lens. Some are shallow and some are deeper. It mainly depends on the needs of the wearer, that is, the degree of shading. Sunglasses. If it is cloudy, the sun is not sufficient, you can wear sunglasses with shallow coating. The shading effect of this coating sunglasses is better, but the surface mask is easy to hang flowers, and you should pay attention to maintenance.

Second, SFM coating sunglasses

This coating sunglasses generally include rainbow, blue, gold and silver and other colors. The lens is shiny and looks very comfortable. Unlike ordinary mercury coating sunglasses, it can also reduce reflection and increase comfort. The lens can maintain its original color, especially the light and gradual color, which is easy to see the original color of things. Another good advantage is anti -wear.

3. AR coating sunglasses

Generally, myopia sunglasses use AR coating technology. It is combined with a multi -layered and thin inorganic compound, using advanced machines to simulate vacuum plating. The light perspective rate of this sunglasses can reduce reflection, anti -fatigue, reduce computer radiation, wear it, clean and comfortable, and also visual at night.

Fourth, REVO mercury coating sunglasses

Revo mercury coating is a colorful mercury coating. Generally, sports sunglasses will use this coating. This coating sunglasses are more expensive, but the anti -radiation effect is very good, colorful, and good waterproof effect. The water droplets can be quickly opened on the lens without staying on the lens. Because special materials are added during electroplating, the surface of the lens is still smooth.


The four types of coating sunglasses introduced above use mercury coating technology, which increases the function of anti -radiation and ultraviolet rays. High -quality coating sunglasses can protect the eyes well and be loved by the trendy people.



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