Pastening experience! Cats and men’s and women’s antibacterial ice panties, the first special special offer is 69 yuan/4 pieces

For people who are afraid of heat,

The temperature rises, and the whole body is sweaty.

The sweat on the body can also pull the clothes to dissipate,

Khan in the underwear



Silently endure.

Because of the problem of special physiological structure,

Men’s crotch sweat glands are very developed,

Crotch sweat

Wet and sultry





Paste the underwear and sweat on the skin




Tick ​​away with your hands


But who calls us


No right panties


Woolen cloth.

Most men’s underwear is insufficient breathability,

Wet and sullen, completely closed space,

Make bacteria and fungi crazy.

The result is:

itch! itch! Itching is endless!

The tolerance of bacteria is extremely strong,

Will not be washed away by water,

Scratching can only cover itching, really grab the injury,

Instead, there are more rations for bacteria and fungi.

Stuffy and humid

Add noisy bacteria and fungi,

Make more crotchs


Only take a bath every day

The crotch really get a short sense of pleasure,

Really TMD cool! Unfortunately, it was a little short. Essence Essence

Underwear with poor quality is not just

Dispatient, sweaty sweat


So simple,


Male sperm is normal and suitable temperature is

35 ℃

Testicles are long -term

Temperature is too high


In the environment,


Sperm will be “sluggish” and start to gradually start

Lose activity

Sperm is not good within half a year when more than 38.5 ° C!

The weather is hot,

To be better for your “brother”,

Xiaobian recommends this–

Miiow Catman ice silk antibacterial cooling underwear

Produced by the famous underwear leader brand

Ultra -thin breathable, ice refreshing silk slide

Wearing a pair of panties that can breathe like without wearing

Recommended reason:


Fortune 500 brands

Master of cats,

Shu Qi, Zheng Yijian, Xiao S, Rain and many other heavyweight stars endorses,

Chinese fashion underwear consumers are satisfied with the first brand

2, skin -friendly ice silk material, ice cool touch

By breathable wetness, refusing to be sultry.

Standard 3A antibacterial, bacteriostatic rate is as high as 99%!

3. One -piece

Three -dimensional tailoring, comfortable and personal

, Healthy printing and dyeing, can not be washed in water,

multiple choices.

20 years of high -end domestic products

Many heavyweight stars endorsements


Big brands often make good products.

Establishment was founded in 1998,


As of 2020

Have grown up

Leading brand of sexy underwear in China.

With DuPont, Austrian orchids, etc.

World Fortune 500

Joined forces.


Cats’ spokesperson

They are all familiar front -line stars,

International superstar Shu Qi, Zheng Yijian,

Rain, the first king of Asia,

Taiwan Entertainment Little S Little S and so on

Each was the top traffic star at that time.

Catman product

French, Hong Kong, and Shanghai design teams jointly developed,

Combination of international trend design models such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea,


There are more than 3,000 physical stores nationwide

His ingenious craftsmanship and quality,

Acknowledge and trust for consumers.

He has won 2000 industry benchmark companies,


2006 Chinese fashion underwear consumers satisfied with the first brand and other honors.

At the 2020 China Brand Festival,

Cats won the top 500 Chinese brands and the Golden Spectrum Awards


Top antibacterial ice silk material

Slim Skin -friendly


#3A antibacterial#a


Because men are easy to be sultry,

Men who are easy to sweat and often drive

Not suitable for panties with high cotton content,

And the elasticity of cotton is weak,

Cotton underwear will have a great impact on the fitness of wearing.

As a 24 -hour clothing close to the private parts,


It must be the first consideration.


Cats ice silk panties


Global top

High quality

Ice silk



Ice silk is the same as cotton,

They are all natural plant ingredients,

With the quality of cotton, but

Finger feel and light better



Ice sensitivity, breathable, humidity


All are more cotton fiber

A lot higher.

When the human body sweats, the fabric absorbss moisture and sweat,


Very strong thermal conduction performance

Cooling while sweating

Make the actual temperature of the crotch lower than the external environment.


Ice silk fabric comes with cooling attributes,

There is a cool pleasure when wearing it,

Immediately cool down 3 ° C.


Tens of thousands of breathable ice holes

Sweat and wet,

Sullen? moisture? Go all the way.

With cats ice silk panties, the crotch can breathe deeply.

Water vapor easily penetrate,

The breathability is very powerful.


It can be dry and not sticky in summer.

There is no humid and hot environment,


Coupled with physical fiber bacteria, bacteria cannot survive.


Testing through professional testing agencies,


The bacteriostatic rate is as high as 99%! Comply with 3A standards,

The crotch is not itchy.

A coin is equivalent to 4.5 thickness!

Thin as cicada wings, full of nakedness

, Put on like a naked.

Cats use real ice fabrics,

Thin and light

The feeling of wearing it is just like nothing,

You will even suddenly be frightened:


“Oh my God! I forgot to wear underwear again!”


One -piece tailor

Healthy printing and dyeing can not be colored, multiple choices

One piece of non -side seam cutting,

Don’t worry about the excess head head to wear the skin,

Without a lotus, it almost couldn’t feel its existence.

Touch up


The feel is smooth,

Put on the arm instantly.

(Left is ordinary underwear, right is ice silk underwear)

Whether it is waist or trouser legs,


Elasticity is very good

Comfortable and not tight, it is very comfortable to wear.

Scrape violently with a brush

Can’t get the ball

Even men with beer belly and happy fat

You can also control, wear


Three -dimensional relief logo,

Full of fashion, immediately improved a grade.

Double -layer inner gear+3D cutting bump bag design,

Super space, full and stylish.

Follow the skin just right,

Loose tightness, it is suitable for no card crotch

, Comfortable as if not wearing.

Comfortable support, not tight,

Make Ding Ding unrestrained.

All kinds of exercise are very good


There is no feeling of grinding crotch, grinding legs, loose or tight,

String a lot, and it will not get the eggs.

Healthy activity printing and dyeing, for a long time

Do not fade.

Not only men’s models, but also


Ladies Ice silk underwear detail display

Skin -friendly cotton stalls, care for private parts

Waterless hidden waist


Comfortable, like nakedness, silky

Put on cats ice silk panties


Let you every day

Refreshing and comfortable,

Isn’t the stuffy and humid and crotch!

A box of 4 packs, a variety of colors,

Each one is so cool.


▼ Select the right size ▼

Men’s size is as follows


Everyone said


After the experience, come to the comment area crazy call.

There are already many big names in this internationally antibacterial ice silk underwear

But the value is also high,

Often more than 200 yuan


This MIIOW cats ice silk panties’s official store is priced at 99 yuan/box.

Bring welfare for everyone

We and the Cats were officially soaked for 2 months

Thanks to cats

200 million sales volume is huge production capacity

The brand is just okay


Self -media production


In the end, the price was hit

69 yuan/4! 69 yuan/4!

5,000 event inventory, restore the original price after selling!


















Cats ice silk panties



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