Not the double -sided earrings of jewelry, which is surprisingly effective, showing good charm and taste

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This article aims to dispel the “prejudice” of the public’s earrings. It is difficult to imagine the material, and it can also be made into a hearty earrings.

Different from traditional earrings, there are two interlocking earrings in both earrings, which are covered on both sides of the earlobe, which is more sculptural than standard earrings, so that you look good from all angles. Earrings are not limited to precious metals and gems, colorful plastic, resin, soft leather, and heavy clay, all of which have become modern design materials.


Pearl dual ball earrings


The front earrings are equipped with a simple freshwater pearl, which remains in the front of the earlobe, and a larger size of the ball is composed of many artificial drills. Two balls in size are interesting, which is more attractive than simple pearl earrings.

Red squid Bronze Twita earrings


The center is red squid, surrounded by brass filaments. They are huge hugs with large size, but they are not too heavy. With a classic retro appearance.

Double -sided triangular earrings

The unique geometric earrings clamp the earlobe in the middle and have a modern appearance. The future design perfectly integrates the current fashion trend. It is made of stainless steel with 14K gold and will not be allergic.

Corner earrings

The double -sided corner earrings are carefully designed and look like a piece. They are plated or silver on the top, and the front and rear of the earrings are demolished for easy wear. The exquisite shape is suitable for pairing with narrow -frame glasses and smooth head shapes.

Leaf color earrings


Plant leaf earrings are made of polymer clay, which can be rendered into a variety of colors, which can add a little fun to stereotypes.

Cork earrings

Environmental earrings of unique materials. Hand -printed by the XO pattern, made of recyclable wine bottle plugs, wearing super lightness.


Radial crystal ear clip

This fashionable and pointed earrings are made of 铑, and are plated with golden tones. The entire earrings are decorated with clear rhinestones, which makes people shine.

White and golden square two -sided earrings

The simple but fashionable super cute geometric earrings are made of polyurethane to polish the gloss. Unique earrings are suitable for unique girls.

Silver tribe earrings


This pair of earrings seemed to be a pair of ancient cave earrings, and the ancient charm of rock paintings attracted the attention of passers -by.

Heart earrings


Modern earrings of continuous designs of cardiac symbols are suitable for women in the health care industry.


Turtle Bamboo leather earrings

The turtle -back bamboo leaves are equipped with a foreign mood pattern, and the gentle leather can float with the wind.

Black and white cat double -sided earrings

The design of black cats is interesting and humorous.


Amber sterling silver hanging double -sided earrings

Milk yellow resin is embedded in the silver spoon handle, which is fashionable and simple, and is very eye -catching. It looks rustic, Bohemian style, suitable for wearing floral skirts.


Koala earrings

On the front is a cute Koala smiling face, and the interesting back will be seen on the back. After wearing, it shows extremely caring personal charm.

Geometric square double -sided circle


The shape of the square and triangular shape seems to be the key to play the video, combining the characteristics of the two earrings and pendants. Suitable for fashion bloggers.


Fluorescent fish scale leather earrings

The leather earrings of 3D phantom printing are flickered from different angles.

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