Don’t be afraid of the width of the lochia! Maternal sanitary napkins let mothers sleep worry about sleeping all night

After crossing the big difficulty of “having a baby”, the most important thing about mothers should pay attention to subsequent postpartum care! If postpartum care is not in place, a series of postpartum syndrome may occur, and in severe cases, it will endanger the safety of mothers. Whether it is a delivery or caesarean section, after the birth of a child, there will be a large number of dismissed residues in the body. The ordinary sanitary napkin of ordinary sanitary napkins is not high, and the breathability is poor. The sanitary napkin dedicated to the mother came in handy.


The postpartum mothers’ private parts are very fragile and sensitive. Many mothers also have tear wounds after production. If the surface of the sanitary napkin is not soft enough and easy to get hair, it is particularly easy to stimulate the sensitive wounds of the mothers and increase the pain. Essence October crystal sanitary napkins that use the surface layer of Mianrou’s skin, refuse to add fluorescent whitening agents, formaldehyde and other stimulating ingredients. Under the intimate contact with the mother, it brings the experience of a soft package to the mothers, and the mothers are gently cared for the mothers. Confiner sensitive.

Compared with ordinary sanitary napkins, maternal sanitary napkins not only have a greater volume and strong breathability, but also more professional in materials and design than ordinary sanitary napkins, which can better meet the mother’s postpartum needs. October crystal sanitary napkins with five -lock lock structure and polymer water absorption beads can not only absorb a large amount of excrement, effectively prevent dirt and quilt, but also make mothers fear big dew, let the dew embarrassing sweep And empty.


When using a sanitary napkin, mothers must be diligent in replacement, because mothers are weak and their resistance is relatively weak after production. If they are not replaced in time, they may cause bacterial breeding and infection. Under normal circumstances, the sanitary napkin can be replaced after 3 hours of use. After each replacement, mothers can also clean their private parts to keep the private parts dry and avoid bacterial infections.

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