Following Xiaomi, the watch also has a transparent exploration version, double -sided hollow design

Speaking of mechanical watches, perhaps in everyone’s impression, they are all satisfactory and biased towards business. After all, the internal structure of the mechanical watch is complicated, and it is still difficult to break the tradition. Recently, Xi Jia and Xiaomi Youpin launched a Xijia mechanical watch • Z series. Unlike other mechanical watches, this mechanical watch is similar to the transparent exploration version of the Xiaomi Mi 8. It adopts a double -sided hollow design style. You can see every part of the inside in the dial, which is quite interesting.


When you get this table, the first feeling is that there are more weight. Around the watch, stainless steel is made of stainless steel. It has achieved metal texture through a multi -layer process such as scrub, drawing, and polishing. With this texture, I suddenly felt that this watch was different from other mechanical watches. It seemed to give it a stronger force. It was carved with stainless steel cases, and the visual impact was relatively strong. With the hollow design, the hourly and tunnels use burning red, which also improves the recognition of users. This watch is an automatic mechanical watch. In fact, in normal state, it is more convenient to wear the automatic string through the arm to swing for about 8 hours a day.

This mechanical watch is paired with a silicone strap. It is understood that it has three colors, namely red, blue and black. In fact, the benefits of using this material can be waterproof and can be washed repeatedly. Above the strap, the words Ciga Design, it can be seen that the degree of customization is quite high. Maybe some friends may have doubts. Why is such a texture with a silicone strap? Personally, I think this is also a collision between art and art, but it will highlight personality.


On the back of the watch, it is also transparent, and we can see its automatic swing. Whether it is on the front or the opposite side, the surface is used on the surface. In this way, it can be more abrasion and scratch -resistant, and the hardness is second only to the diamond. At least you don’t need to worry about scratching. In fact, if you take a closer look, you can also find that it uses the curved design on both sides, and the sense of art is quite strong.

In addition to its own silicone strap, there is also an additional leather bamboo pattern leather strap. The advantage of this strap is the soft and comfortable texture, and increases the waterproof bottom skin to prevent sweat and odor. In this way, there are two straps. We can easily replace the strap according to different use environments. Don’t worry when you change it. At the end of the strap, there is a switch from the ear. As long as it is deducted, it can be replaced. It is quite convenient.

Similarly, there is a etching logo at the position of the buckle.


On the front of the watch, four original hexagonal screws are also set around the dial. In fact, when I wrote here, I suddenly discovered that there are still many design highlights of this watch. Later, after finding the information, I found out that this is the third masterpiece of the Chinese original design team. As early as the first two times, some outstanding watches have been designed. Therefore, a good watch is also very important to design.


If you know a lot of friends who know more about mechanical watches, the movement of the mechanical watch is particularly important. And this Xijia mechanical watch uses the seagull movement, the movement energy storage energy is 30 to 40 hours, and the big brand is still more secure. After all, it can reduce a certain error rate. After wearing it, I accidentally found that it is a little different from other mechanical watches, that is, it can let me hear the sound of mechanical operation, as if this watch has life.


We know that ordinary mechanical watches are more afraid of water, so when we wash, we must avoid the mechanical watch to touch water. And this Xijia mechanical watch, with a 30 -meter water -resistant level, can resist a small amount of hands and wash the face, splash water and rain in daily use environment, but cannot be used for swimming or soaking in water. In fact, it is good to be able to do this.

After a few days of wearing, I personally feel that the biggest charm of this watch is a double -sided hollow design. In fact, it is like this. It allows us to see that every part in it keeps running for this watch. With the metal stainless steel dial, this watch is fashionable. At the same time, the careful creation of the craftsman’s hand seems to give life to this watch, which makes people love it.

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