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December was a proud wedding month. We successively took the fairy to check in many popular wedding shops.

Behind the wedding shops with different styles, different prices and different stories, there is a very interesting manner who has his own love and understanding of the wedding dress ~


Just as Xiao Tian has always believed, it is time to match your wedding dress once in a lifetime, which will not come back in a lifetime.

She is here today! At the end of 2019, wedding Xiaotian dug a fairy -value wedding shop -Yinyu Butterfly Advanced Wedding Customized Store.

With the good wedding dress and the exaggerated price, will Yinyu Butterfly be blowing a gust of gusts next year?


This shop is located in LOFT in Star City, Waterfront. The classical European -style court style is designed. The emerald velvet curtains are mysterious and elegant, and they are luxurious and graceful.

The fireplace, oil painting, record machine, floor -to -ceiling windows, high -footed cabinet … Putting on a wedding dress, which station is a beautiful oil painting.

I heard that there are often students or girlfriends and friends who came to take pictures here, because clothes and environment are really dreamy!

The second -layer hollow design restores the randomness and rate of French LOFT. When you come here, you can try the beautiful wedding dress and take a beautiful photo.

In addition to the fairy value of the store, Xiao Tian also wants to spend a lot of space to talk about several special wedding brands introduced by Yinyu Butterfly.



AOLISHA AARAN is an exclusive European line of the Nigli Dress International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., with senior designers in Italy, mainland, and Hong Kong.


Although there is no element like gauze or lace at all, you can still feel the luxury of the whole skirt.

Where is the confidence from? Let me bravely attach my yarn photo behind the model, it must be given to me!


This slim deep V fish tail at the door is also the style of AOLISHA.

The whole body Czech rhinestone, V -shaped beautiful breasts and beautiful back design and small flashing tails, the overall sexy abnormalities must be one of the treasures of the town shop.

There are too many styles of AOLISHA. In the future, Xiaotian will open a post for everyone, or you can make an appointment for me to test the yarn directly!


Brand Julia


Julia Julia is a Taiwanese brand and has a full 30 years of history.

Each Julia wedding dress or dress is made of hand -made in Taiwan, which takes 600 hours to complete.

This brand is more suitable for Asian brides, satin and lace are the highlights of her family.

The first one I chose to try was the above, mainly attracted by the exquisite lace embroidery.

There are too many wedding shops to visit, and you can see it at a glance.


I like it and like it, but I wear this average. I can see that the clothes are collapsed. Fortunately, there are model pictures for your reference!


Brand: House of Wang

This is a domestic independent designer brand, and each wedding dress belongs to its own name.


Name: Polin

The long -collar collar that can be revealed can show beautiful collarbone, which is conservative, but can’t hide a small mind.


The skirt was deliberately made into a short and backhand, and the most dignified and elegant impression of the satin skirt was changed.


Name: Flower Word

Speaking of fish tails, the first thing everyone thinks is sexy and charming, queen aura … These definitions seem to make the little fairy insulating with the word “fish tail”.

But this one places style in the direction of softness and sweetness at the beginning of design.


The two -layer ruffled neckline and cuffs expressed a quiet and soft temperament. The large flower tablets composed of lace -shaped lace are closely discharged, which is a small Jade and the years.


Brand: backside Chinese dresses


In addition to wedding dresses, Yinyu Butterfly also introduced a professional Chinese dress brand to “reverse”, engaged in the high -definition design of Xiuhe, cheongsam, dragon and phoenix gown, headwear, and hand -embroidered shoes.

The red festiveness, the gentle Chinese style, the traditional but not fashion tailoring, the festive and auspiciousness!


Here, you can also make up the super -beautiful style such as gold, blue, pink, and water red.

Xiaotian really wants to blow out this Chinese wedding dress brand! On December 23, the 2020 reversed 2020 new Chinese wedding dress show with the theme of successfully hosting “color weaving” in Suzhou.


The combination of Eastern and Western elements and eye -catching colors have changed the traditional design of the wedding dress in the traditional design.

There are always fairy asking me, which wedding shop has more Xiuhe? It seems that you have to make an appointment to talk about Chinese dresses with you carefully.

Brand: Lomo Queen

The story of wedding and wedding shoes will always be together, please don’t neglect your wedding shoes!


In the future, I will never worry about finding wedding shoes. Xiaotian helped you dug you in the high -definition brand of Lomo Queen wedding shoes, just in the shop of Yinyu Butterfly.


You can collect a high -definition wedding shoes with only a few hundred yuan, and you can enjoy 20 % off for wedding shoes for the bride’s engagement dress!

The space is limited. The story of the explore shop of Yinyu Butterfly has not finished. For example, Xiao Tian’s black yarn first show …


Some people live in deep inside the princess

Some people live in deep inside the queen

Some people live in the cool girl deep inside


You may never know …

This is also the original intention of Xiaotian to try all kinds of wedding styles for you.

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