How do you choose this restaurant? These 3 countries painting the environment, pleasing

Some people think that eating must have a sense of ceremony, a good meal environment, will make people feel happy, and it feels very comfortable.

I very much agree with this point of view, mainly because of these two points:

I can give my body to provide adequate nutrition, which is essential for health.

And the good dining environment, you can make your dinner to eat comfortable.

We all know a truly healthy person, half is the health of the body, and half is a psychological health, so while eating, you have to create a good dining environment.

Since the meal environment is so important, how do you choose to choose?


Restaurant Decoration Featured One: Bamboo Meaning Bamboo Report is safe, holiday is high

Xu Yi Jinguo painted bamboo “bamboo newsletter” work source: polyline products

The bamboo seasons are ever-green, giving people a vibrant beautiful scene, and the bamboo vitality is tenacious. When in ancient times, the literati and ink will give bamboo longevity peaceful wishes.


The bamboo is full of arrogance, hanging a hand-painted Chinese painting bamboo in the restaurant, that is, pleasing and pleasing, and gives people a good blessing of the bamboo news.

Restaurant Decoration 2: Sunflower is born, keeping love for life

He Shaojie wrote a flower bird painting “Xiangyang” Source: Polyline


The sunflowers are very close to the sun, so many friends who love the sunflowers will make sunflowers than “small sun.”

The sunflower is like the sun, and there is a sunflower painting in the restaurant, you can bring warmth and happiness to your diners.

Restaurant decoration 3: lotus carp monews “There is more than one year”, showing a family life, peaceful

Painter Li Zhi Yongguo painted nine fish chart “There is more than one year” work: polyline products


Lotus has a reputation of “Flower March” in the eyes of the ancient people. Zhou Dunyi also expressed his favorite love in the name of “Ai Lian” in the name of “Ai Lian”: “I will not be dyed in the mud, and I don’t demon.”

“Fish” and “Yu” homogeneous, the meaning of the year, so the fish will be balanced this year. The pronunciation of “” is the same as “profit”, so the squid is also used to symbolize the benefits and profitability in business, and hope that the business is like flowing water, and can save the savings.

The combination of lotus squid can be said to be Kyrgy into the reachaes, such a good meaningful Chinese painting works in the restaurant, beautiful and beautiful.


Life is not just, the mood is happy, you can eat well.

Nowadays, people’s living conditions can be very popular. In addition to eating more and more serious, the environment of eating is also attached to the restaurant, and several famous hands-painted restaurant decorative paintings are hanging, and the restaurant is raised, and this elegant Chinese painting Art, make your diners are happy.

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