Analysis | Che Bang. Wufu Golden Bull Safety Environmental Car Towing Brand Concept

What is the brand?

First of all, the professionalism of brand research only appeared in 1950. David Ogway published “Products and Brands” in the “Harvard Business Review”. Strictly speaking, the brand is a dynamic process of systematic construction. It requires enterprises to work hard from the inside to the outside, and contain a variety of aspects such as strategy, vision, experience, communication, and management.


What kind of brand is Chebang.


Wufu Jinniu brand. It is a symbol

In essence, the Wufu Jinniu brand is a symbol of visual design. Wufu Jinniu was originally taken from the famous Tang Dynasty painting “Five Niu Maps” (also known as Wu Niu Nafu Tu) with safety and environmental protection. With no effort to innovate, the wishes and responsibilities brought by the blessing characters into the products of the Wufu Taurus allows consumers to really have a well -known blessing.

Carbang. Wufu Jinniu brand is a kind of emotion and a trust.


The development of the brand is because the brand has a set of values ​​that can meet the rational and emotional needs of customers. The creation of the brand must surpass differentiality and functionalism. It should pay attention to a personality value.

The Wufu Jinniu brand is an emotion. It is a 36 million car owner. It has won more than 40 authoritative mainstream media honors for more than ten years. Each product has been tested by 145 items. Rest assured for thousands of car owners.


Carbang. Wufu Jinniu brand is like an ecosystem

The so -called brand ecosystem is an artificial ecosystem composed of brand and brand products, brand ownership, supplier, middlemen, terminal stores, consumers, media, and objective environment.

The Wufu Jinniu brand is an ecosystem. In addition to the brand strategy of building an internal company, Wufu Jinniu also has 300 acres of production bases, more than 200,000 square meters of factory buildings, more than 1,000 employees, car foot pads and seats The annual production capacity has reached more than 8 million sets, which has passed the II9001 quality management system certification, and has been introduced to implement the more stringent TS16949 management system. The products have been fully passed through environmental protection and quality and safety certifications such as CE, CQC, ROHS, SGS.

The Wufu Jinniu brand has developed more than 2,000 models to adapt to it. It has more than 20 its own intellectual property rights and patented technologies. It is a strategic partner of 4S groups such as Guanghui, huge, and medium -up. , Geely, Horse Horse, BYD, GAC and other host factories.

After more than ten years of rapid development, Wufu Taurus is already the most large -scale and development potential brand in the Chinese automotive supplies industry. Looking forward to the next ten years, Wufu Taurus. Share a beautiful car for a healthy life.

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