Li Qin uses mesh vests to match the tube top, buy two more than 7,000, netizens: Don’t panic!

Since Li Qin played the role of “White Deer Plain” and was shortlisted for the best supporting actress of Bai Magnolia, she was really getting angry. Not only is acting proved, but also let us pay more attention to her. Since the road turning powder, I found that Li Qin’s clothes are really good. Every time the airport shape can give us a good demonstration, wearing simple and fashionable models.


On September 13th, Li Qin went to participate in the Prada red carpet. The two sets of shapes made people look bright, because no one had worn the entertainment industry before. The tube top suit set with a word with high heel sandals, which only has the capable temperament of women and the unique taste of women.

In the impression, suit pants are always worn with a suit jacket or shirt, T -shirt. However, Prada does not follow the routine card, and directly designed a tube top, so that the good girls can also play their own advantages. It is more impatient than taking the general offensive suit suit.


It was just that Li Qin used a mesh vest to form a visual sense of visual hierarchy with the dark gray of the suit suit, which also weakened the dark gray aging. The color of the orange with high heels on the feet is consistent, echoing up and down, and it does not seem to be abrupt.

The neckline behind the net vest was tied with a bow, which enhanced the sense of styling and added a little girly. Although this mesh vest is a lace design in the high collar mouth, it will not be exposed to it too much, but also eliminates the time to match the jewelry. But such a tall collar still has to tie a bow, who can hold a short neck.

Take a black mini bag in hand, so that the photo of POSE leaning on this way, Li Qin, who usually looks quiet, also has a bit of domineering. In this event, Li Qin changed a total of two sets of clothes, and the other was a pink tube top with a black pleated skirt.


The pink streaming tube top with a pink mesh vest, which looks a bit of the girl’s pretty and sexy. But the blessing of the hairstyle adds a bit of a bit of sharpness. But it still looks like Li Qin’s style.


The lower body is paired with a black pleated skirt, the black powder is contrasting, and the feeling of weakening the nightclub girl, the goddess Fan Er came out in a moment. I have to say that Li Qin’s two sets of combinations are used. Although each item looks simple, she feels particularly much like this.

Especially with these two mesh vests, the overall shape looks more special. Although we look at it, it is a piece of gauze. But it is not cheap at all. It comes from the brand Prada Prada, and the official website of China is priced at 7,750 yuan. Some netizens shouted directly: buy a piece of gauze for 7,000 yuan, and buy two pieces, poverty limits my imagination!


Some netizens said that Li Qin’s style is not suitable for her at all, and it looks very low. In fact, I think it ’s okay. After all, the face value and temperament are placed there, and you can support anything. I do n’t know what the stylist thinks. Everyone knows that the vest of the European Root yarn material. The version looks good, but it is hard to wear.


I do n’t know if it is tolerance for beauty, or is it more comfortable? In fact, these two sets of these two sets of yellow are the most yellow one. Although Li Qin’s sitting posture is a bit like ancient heroes, it is really domineering! What do you think?

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