“Ideal City” is too ideal? No, everyone can afford the watches of Sun Yan

[Watch House Fashionable Star wrist] I wonder if everyone has watched the recent hit drama “The Ideal City”? As a recent popular domestic workplace drama, the actors in the play are very online. Each role in the play has a clear personality, and the interpretation of the workplace atmosphere is also very real. During the drama, I saw many people send barrage and asked what Sun Yan was wearing in the play. Today, let’s take a look at what tables appeared in “Ideal City”.

Su Xiao (Sun Yan)

Sun Yan played the cost engineer Su Xiao in the play. Because of the “unclean” incident, he was fired and the cost of the cost was deducted. A series of career storms did not knock her down, but started from the grassroots level. With her original intention, she took the thorns all the way to bring Tiancheng’s performance to the peak of the industry.


Su Xiao wore seagulls in the 1980s, quartz watches

Su Xiao wore seaga in the early 1980s of the square steel sepasses. From the outside, it looks small and exquisite, and it is very good at the female lead in the play. The price of this watch only costs more than 100 yuan. Unfortunately, this watch has been discontinued on the market. But in general, it is a good -looking, cheap and versatile watch.

Su Xiao wears the Montblanc Star Series Series Small Second Case Watch

Su Xiao, who re -entered the construction company as a grass -roots employee, has received the attention of leaders with its outstanding ability and bright personality. Su Xiao, who was valued, also changed the more expensive Montblanc star Legacy series small seconds needle watch, rose gold material, 36 mm diameter, equipped with MB24.16 automatic chain movement, power storage for about 38 hours, waterproof 30 meters, price RMB price RMB 61,200 yuan.


Xia Ming (Zhao Youting)

After talking about the heroine, let’s talk about the male lead. Xia Ming, the male lead played by Zhao Youting, is a person with a high IQ and emotional intelligence and is essentially kind. In the workplace, he is good at guessing people’s hearts, using rules, and relying on the excessively intelligent brain to play the workplace, and eventually served as the general manager of the group in the group.


Xia Ming wears Montblanc Star Series Watch

In the play, the male lead Xia Ming only wore the Wanbao Dragon Star Series watch, and wearing the same brand and the same series of watches as the heroine may echo their emotional line behind. This Montblanc Star series watches integrate the classic watchmaking technology with the fashion leisure appearance. This watch is equipped with a 43mm stainless steel case, ivory dial, 18K rose gold Roman numerals, hour labels and luminous pointers. The simple design makes it the best choice for workplace.


Huang Lilin (Li Chuanyu)


As the general manager of Tianke, Huang Lilin (Li Chuanyu), on the surface, is very kind, and is actually very good at playing a small abacus to attract the relationship, and pays great attention to his nephew Xia Ming.


Huang Lilin (Li Chuanzhang) wearing Rolex Sunday log -type full gold watches

He wore Rolex Sunday watches in the play. From the watch and his wrist, it should be a 36mm full gold watch. Whether in the play or in daily life, wearing a full gold watch is quite high -profile, but it also meets the status of Huang Lilin in the play.

Wang Yan (Chen Minghao)


The old drama bone Chen Minghao, played by Wang Yan, is well -known. When he started in scratch, he had rivers and lakes, discerning right and wrong, and good at discovering talents. He was the female lead Su Xiao. After the group decided to merge the Tianzi name, he was traded to Su Xiao.


Wang Yan (Chen Minghao) wearing Rolex log gold watches

In the play, he wore a Rolex log -style gold watch. The 18K gold watch case with a dog tooth ring is a classic match for Rolex log -type watches. Here, I have to sigh, Rolex is indeed the first choice for old businessmen.

Maria (Zhang Peng)


Zhang Peng plays the corner of Maria in the play, and he can roughly guess the character she has created by listening to the name. It is high -profile, confident and open -minded, and the style of ladies. Although the tip of the needle with Su Xiao, Wu Hongmei, etc., can be clearly divided into black and white at critical moments.


Maria (Zhang Peng) wears a Cartier tank series watches


In the play, she is wearing a must -have watches in the workplace, the Cartier Tank series watches. This series of watches can be said to be a classic. The small dial is matched with the Roman letters and blue pointers, and then with a steel linked list. Classic and generous, more capable.



It can be seen from the watch worn by each character in the play that the details of the “Ideal City” are in place in detail. The watch worn by each character makes the character image more three -dimensional, in line with the character’s personality and social environment. In general, “The City of Ideal” is a real and ideal TV series. The acting skills of the old opera bones are also very online, and it is still worth watching.

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