From the “Double 11”, the domestic large cycle | Yiwu “Factory Second Generation” breaks the waves

In the process of constructing a new development pattern of the domestic large -cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles promoted, all parties are eager to try, and the manufacturers and e -commerce are almost in line. On October 29, the Beijing Commercial Daily “Domestic Large Cycling Path Discovery · Main Channel of E -commerce” visited Yiwu Station, and the plane felt the “double 11” atmosphere. Fang Liang, Fang Hao, and others in Yiwu, Zhejiang Yiwu, participated in the “Double 11” for the first time. The factory pulled out the slogan “Preparing for the Seven months, only Tmall Double 11”. Dozens of machines kept day and night. Open.

E -commerce continuously transports consumer data for the factory, and inserts a pair of wings for the factory that transferred to domestic sales and run from 2B to 2C. At this stage, there are still many blocks between channels, production and consumption, and the data provided by e -commerce to promote the factories forward, prompting the latter to produce products that cater to high -quality consumption, and then become the backbone of a large cycle. Essence

From bystant to the first show of the factory “Double 11”

Fang Liang, the head of the AIA socks factory, poses a high hopes for the upcoming “Double 11” and puts on a “desperate” attitude: foreign trade orders are rebounding, domestic orders have maintained a stable amount. Generally speaking Some can’t keep up, “Therefore, we can only temporarily sacrifice export and offline orders to prepare ‘Double 11’.”

In the door of the four -story production workshop of the Fangliang Factory, the slogan “Come on! Fight for Dream! Decisive Battle Double 11 Time 21 Days” is extremely eye -catching. He explained to the Beijing Business Daily reporter that the slogan was hung up last week, that is, to motivate employees to quickly produce. Lou Fangliang did not hide his emotions about participating in the “Double 11”.

The sleeve and cheering are not only a factory in the building, but the Zexi Nikko Factory, which is 20 minutes away from the AIA socks industry, is also full of the “Double 11” taste. The door of Zexi Ri Ri Factory was pulled with red banners, saying “Preparation for seven months, only for Tmall Double Eleven”.

The huge production plant, 13 injection machines operated 24 hours a day, the home rinsing cup piled on the ground also carried the temperature generated by the machine, pink, dark blue, light blue and gray. In this home, such as a housewash cup, Zexi Riising Factory plans to reserve 100,000 for “Double 11”. When asking whether the “Double 11” could digest such a huge number, Fang Hao gave an answer with a determined tone of “Being”. As the director of the factory, Fang Hao prepared a total of 1 million single products including mouthwash cups, and prepared to show his fist: Originally, “Double 11” was busy supplying to the brand merchant before, and now it is the “Double 11” period. Essence

Faced with the upcoming “Double 11”, the factory director opened his horsepower. The machine of AIA’s socks is also running day and night, and it completely replaces the hand -to -purpose pair to the eye machines and produces children’s socks named Zibi. In 2012, Lou Fangliang paved the online channel to laid spot ratios, which was sold by layers of agents. Entering 2019, Babi began to appear on e -commerce, and there were official flagship stores. “It is definitely necessary to do e -commerce. Now the sales ratio of offline and online channels is 2: 1, but the current growth momentum is extremely obvious. It may reach a tie with the amount of offline channels within one year and even overtake offline. “Based on the judgment of the future trend, Lou Fangliang attaches great importance to e -commerce and is full of confidence in participating in the” Double 11 “for the first time.

从“双11”看国内大循环 | 义乌“厂二代”乘风破浪

“I used to watch other companies participating in ‘Double 11’, and now it’s my turn.” Lou Fangliang wanted to experience “Double 11” himself.

Shorten the production cycle to reduce the risk of trial error risk

Without Ali’s data as support, Fang Hao would not dare to produce 100,000 mouthwash cups at one time. It costs at least hundreds of thousands of yuan, or even millions of yuan to make a grinding gear. It is somewhat blind to R & D and production. Most of them determine whether the product is successful based on the purchasing amount and frequency of the buyer, but the data feedback from the buyer is not timely and the particle size is rough. At that time, Fang Hao was basically produced based on his own experience or cases obtained from export inspections. Personal subjective perception was the main basis of judgment. To achieve customized production based on consumer behavior big data, it was unspeakable.

In the past year, Fang Hao’s Zexi Nikko Factory has started to retail and directly contacts C -side consumers. He had previously dealt with a small B merchant. From the B -side to the C -end, the thick granular data is not very bright for the new products of the factory. “Before, we will make a rough analysis of the dimensions of customer layers and sales areas. The need for products, but not enough to cope with the flexible retail market. ” Fang Hao explained so.

There are naturally solutions where there is a blank space. Fang Hao obtained timely and disclosed product parameters from the Commercial and Material Planning Center provided by Ali, such as color, price segment, age layer, size, etc., and the product details can be reported to Ali Xiaofei to report the business plan. You can start production. In his own words, after getting the information feedback from the buyer, the factory must make 1+1 = 2 by itself to derive the products that the market may need; Ali directly gives 3, the data is further refined, the factory is according to the parameters according to the parameters. Just produce it directly.

In this way, the risk of producing a new product in Zexi Ri Restaurant has become controllable, and the cycle has been significantly shortened. According to traditional methods, it takes 2-3 months to launch a new product, and it takes about 20-30 days to determine the most time-consuming raid. “Development of abrasives must be calibrated. Sometimes the production of the grinding gear is still modified on the day. Therefore, opening the product often needs to be half a year in advance.” Fang Hao explained the role of e -commerce big data. The potential demands of consumers have more accurate dimensions, which has compressed the time of the early stage of the mold opening, and the cycle of product design, research and feedback has been greatly shortened.

Ouyang Rihui, deputy dean of the Internet Research Institute of the Central University of Finance and Economics, previously emphasized in an interview with the Beijing Business Daily reporter that with the support of data, the factory can promote the factory to achieve precise marketing, production, and dare to produce in large quantities. At the same time, e -commerce has also improved the efficiency from production to consumer supply chain as a whole, and digitized the supply chain.

从“双11”看国内大循环 | 义乌“厂二代”乘风破浪

“Business is getting simpler and simpler, and factories only focus on production.” In Fang Hao’s eyes, factory production is easier than previous years.

I believe that the power of the number “Factory II” favored custom production

“I can’t keep up with the trend. The socks designed and produced by my son are easy to sell.” The father Lou Guochun is the old factory director, and he is very satisfied with the ideas, product research and development and production of the son Lou Fang Liang’s planning factory. Lou Fangliang also remembers the scene of persuading his father to change the style and color of the socks many times: “We have grinded the factory’s transformation for a long time, especially using new processes, new styles, and even new channels.” Lou Fangliang and his wife are classmates, the same Working in design work is quite experienced in the new style, and eagerly changes his father’s obsession with the old style for a lifetime.

The reason why Lou Fangliang can make a sock is lustful and cannot be separated from a word- “understand”. He is the “second -generation factory” in Yiyu’s engagement of small commodity production and operators. This group of people has a natural trust in new channels such as e -commerce and closer to the new generation of consumer groups. They accept new things and are willing to put it into action, even if they pay a certain cost for them.

In addition, Lou Fangliang is still a father who puts all the demands of children’s products in the product, and it is improving a sock. “You look at the bear’s ears on the socks are three -dimensional. When the child is put on, it will be very cute. It is in line with the current demands of parents’ socks.” As long as he talks about the socks, he has an endless experience. Essence

At present, domestic consumers have high quality requirements and even exceed overseas consumers. Factory wants to do a good job in the domestic C -end market, and must understand themselves than consumers themselves and provide high -quality goods. To this end, Lou Fangliang chose to obtain first -hand feedback information from e -commerce, including sales volume and store views. “Offline agents cannot feedback consumer demands as soon as possible, and the success rate of the product is very low.” Fang Hao also has the same feelings. Buyers often prevent manufacturers. The former is unwilling to disclose the sales area and pricing system of the product.

In fact, the building is in line with the image of the younger generation of the “second -generation factory”. It understands the production of production and digital production on demand, and produces products along the personalized, characteristic, and quality consumer trends. He further gives an example: When the child teaches the early education class, parents are more inclined to choose children’s socks with warm and non -slip function; newborns are willing to kick, so the socks should be done higher … Lou Fangliang is the factory director and the younger generation, or the younger generation The manager, the triple identity makes a pair of simple children’s socks not easy.

Today, the old factory Changlou Guochun has handed over the factory to his son. The division of the father and son was very clear. Lou Guochun took care of the orange tree, and Lou Fangliang was doing the factory.

Set up the “ground forces” to clear the blocking points of each port

从“双11”看国内大循环 | 义乌“厂二代”乘风破浪

Yiwu is a world -renowned small commodity capital. It has a representative of business cases with exports to domestic sales. Many small commodity manufacturers have long been on the express train of e -commerce, and e -commerce companies are full of horsepower. In August of this year, Ali’s first merchant operation center settled in Jinhua, Zhejiang, with ground troops.

It is understood that the merchant operation center is to assist the factory to achieve network sales and digital transformation. Sun Yingtian, the regional manager of the C2M Division of Alibaba Taobao Business Group, believes that the quickly feedback of product information and logistics information to the production side can make the factory quickly realize digital transformation. “Develop products according to consumer demand, and then sell it to consumers in the appropriate way and the appropriate price. The Taobao special version does to connect consumers one end to connect the factory one end.”

In fact, from 1688, Taobao special editions to Taobao and Tmall, Ali provides a large -scale consumption hierarchical market for China’s industrial leading factories, and also provides a clear operation increase for “factories” for “factory goods” to grow “factory goods”. path. It is reported that a merchant operation center like Jinhua will be settled in 10 industries, including Jinhua in Zhejiang, as well as Wenzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou, Hebei Baoding, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Quanzhou, Jieyang, and will also increase Huzhou and Chaoshan in the future.

In Yiwu, the gap between channels, production, and consumer ends can be seen gradually blurred. Wang Chengrong, president of the Beijing Commercial Economic Society, believes that the large -scale domestic cycle is not a simple economic cycle. There are still many blocks in Unicom between production, circulation, and consumption, and need to become smoother. By constructing a new development pattern, new consumption is found, new channels are established, new products are promoted to develop new products, and the three are realized to really open and link. In fact, this newly established on the basis of high -quality development, the higher -quality consumption demand is feeded to the production end through new channels to produce high -quality goods, which is one of the goals of establishing a large cycle.

Zhao Jianbo, an associate researcher at the Institute of Technology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, has the same view: “There must be no breakpoints between the industrial chain, and there must be no breakpoints between supply and demand.” For manufacturers, it is unblocking internal circulation. If you only use a channel to solve a channel problem, the digital value of the e -commerce platform is very common.

Wang Chengrong further explained that many traditional foreign trade enterprises have shifted to the country at present, and commercial enterprises have the responsibility to help manufacturers to achieve foreign trade transfer to domestic trade, timely feedback consumers’ demands, and use the production capacity of the production side to help the factory development of domestic trade to develop the demand for domestic market demand. New product. At present, e -commerce companies are still ahead.

“E -commerce has a data advantage, which can well excavate consumer demands and timely feedback information from the production side of the company. This move has a role that cannot be ignored for the transformation and upgrading of the industrial end and adapting to the new consumption of domestic consumption.” Wang Chengrong believes that consumption, consumption In contrast to production or consumption leading production, e -commerce has most timely captured consumer demands with its own intelligence and technological advantages, and has also promoted the technological upgrade of the industrial end. (Zhao Shu review/text combined)

Source: Beijing Commercial Daily

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