CHANEL Perfume Purchase Guide, these Chanel “Ferry King” perfume, essential for exquisite girls

Grandma’s perfume’s perfume does not know how to choose? CHANEL Perfume Buying Guide ~

This issue is about the 3 most popular series in Ms. Chanel perfume in detail. The “Broken King” series is properly “the King of Stock Disglement”. What are the ones!

Chanel Garrier Sky Perfume


Turning: Citrus bitter orange leaf black gallons red fruit peach


Middle: White Flower Light Fragrance Jade Jasmine Yilan Orange

Tune: sandalwood musk vanilla


The Chanel family’s Garberry Sky perfume was named after Ms. Chanel, with a distant woman’s light. This perfume is mainly cooperated with Chanel’s exclusive perfumer Olivier Boja and Chanel Labs. From the perspective of the perfume bottle, its overall use of a square slope -cut design, glass evaluation, and high -end appearance of the atmospheric high -end gives people a feeling that looks very happy. The warm golden bottle body of the glazed feeling makes the entire packaging design taller. This is a fragrance that starts with the loyalty to the taste. It has a long fragrance and can smell a faint fragrance for up to 7-8 hours. It is a fresh citrus smell at the beginning. Lan Yilan, the rich smell blended with the fullness of Jasmine.


Chanel Perfume-Fan encounters

Turning out: grapefruit wood pear

Middle: Jasmine Hyacina

Back tone: Muskilis Cedar Cedar Amber

Chanel perfumes are divided into three unique fragrance series, but the most popular is its pink encounter, so I focus on talking to you some fans. Chanel’s perfume series is mainly based on fresh floral fragrance, fully expressing the vibrant and brave side of women in the times. This pink encounters use pink packaging to look very sweet and cute. The bottle body is exquisite and high -level. The frosted bottle surface looks very tall. Fan Yue is a perfume that is more suitable for young girls in the early 20s and is also used by many women. Just sprayed out the kind of faint grapefruit clear fragrance, it was really good, and the middle was slowly converted into jasmine and roses. After that, the white musk was the first with a sense of layering.


Water N5 of Chanel 5

Top tone: lemon, citrus, sweet orange

Middle: Rose, Jasmine, Yilan Yilan

Tune: Crystal grass, cedar, white musk


Marilyn Monroe once said that she only wore Chanel 5 to sleep. When it comes to perfume, Chanel 5 perfume can be said to be a classic masterpiece with changes in the times. It uses a designed simple and atmospheric design, crystal -like glass bottle body, simple but refined. At first smelling the water of Chanel 5, it was full of freedom in its freshness, like a girl, and her sweet love also lived warmly. The fragrance is the main tone of citrus fruity. The fullness of vitality is full of vitality. The fullness of purity allows you to return to the 18 -year -old girl. The middle of the flower fragrance is delicate and soft. Favorite lattice -tune, accompanied by white musk, graphic grass and cedar, which is intoxicated and calm, persistent and firm.

Of course, in addition to the above three models, Chanel perfumes are very popular in Miss Coco black perfume and blue perfume. They are all very favorite series in my daily life. I do n’t know which Chanel perfumes have the fairy who have used it? Remember to leave a message in the comment area ~

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