Jumping Dragon promotion new marketing model Exquisite snacks are sought after by dealers

On June 30, Jumping Dragon Co., Ltd. held an exquisite snack conference at the Taoyuan Hotel in Chengdu, and it was popular at the order site.

跳跳龙推广新营销模式 精致零食受经销商追捧

At this new product conference, Jumping Dragon Co., Ltd. responded to new retail and launched a number of exquisite snacks. The Snowflake Crispy series adopted a new marketing and new promotion model, which was enthusiastically sought after by dealers. The dealers praised the new products launched by this conference. The popularity of the ordering site was popular. The number of orders continued to refresh, the amount of payment was reached a record high, and the on -site raffle issued more than 600,000 yuan in cash.

Jumping Dragon Co., Ltd. commended the gold medal dealer and outstanding employees in the 2018 fiscal year.

跳跳龙推广新营销模式 精致零食受经销商追捧

At the same time, the thank -you dinner was held at the Xanadu Grand Theater, and Zhao Jianhua, chairman of the group company, gave a toast. The leaders of the group company and jumping Long Long Co., Ltd. toasting to the entire dealer and expressing gratitude

跳跳龙推广新营销模式 精致零食受经销商追捧

The dinner also carried out on -site lottery. Zhao Jianhua, chairman of the group company, Li Zi, deputy general manager, Xie Dong, general manager of Jumping Dragon Co., Ltd., Xiao Jian, sales director of the East District, and Zhao Hongwen, the sales director of the West District, to the winners.

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