The shampoo of the five “supplementary energy” is injected into the hair into the nutrition, let you have a healthy hair.

Many people think that the hair is not good to repair more walnuts, more supplementary nutrition, etc. It can be replenished with nutrients to maintain hair shin and health. The shampoo is an important means to send a “supplementary energy”.


In the strict sense, the shampoo is also divided into two parts: the hair washing and supplementing the hair. After removing the impurities attached to the hair, the desired nutrients to make the hair will grow healthier. However, in the process of shampoo, some unrecriminal little actions and ignored little habits are not good for hair health, and they want to have a healthy hair, first of all, you have to learn the appropriate nutrition Taste.

1. Concentrate puzzle bird nest protein dual effect shampoo

Concentrated mystery high-end skin care brands are from the UK, using the world’s first skin care technology, choose the world-quality planting raw materials, and organically combine pure natural aromatic plant energy and plant essence to excite the huge skin contained in natural plants. The shampoo is washed, and the hair is very refreshing. It is also more clean. The fragrance is very comfortable, a faint plant floral. Overall, this is still more mild, mainly for fine soft and oily hair, the anti-off effect is very good, and it can improve the phenomenon of hair soft collapse. People with hair oil, a lot of dandruff is worthy of use.

2. Zi Luqiang solid nourish shampoo


Lu This brand does not have to say, this brand has many different effects of shampoo, and the purple Lu washed a series mainly strong hair, no silica gel is used up, this is more suitable for people who are more suitable for hair.

Zi Lu has a powerful effect of preventing hair loss, oil removal, open can smell the strong Chinese medicine flavor, of course, some people can’t accept this taste, but the effect is really very good, now I love the hair. .

3. Schwarzkopf multi-effect repair washing

Schwarz is a German brand. In these years, the word of mouth is very good. This lottery is very powerful. It has a hair repair technology. It contains 19 new living ingredients, from the source repair, and multi-faceted Hair, there is a significant effect on dryness, hair, bifurcation and other issues.

The main ingredients have a ginseng essence, a variety of plant essential oils, burdock root extracts. Supplement nutrition, repair damage, replenishing moisture, and lasting for dryness. All-round care.

4. Cai Yan’s amino acid coconut shampoo

Classic’s amino-acid coconut wash is also a highly compliant shampoo. The main ingredient is amino acid interface active agent, and there is no chemical additive, with deep cleaning, gentle nourishing hair.


Open, you can smell the coconut flavor, add a lot of points to this shampoo, and use full of fragrance, rich in foam, you can’t do it after washing, you can make your hair fluffy, especially comfortable.


5. L’Oreal Water Shampoo

L’Oreal shampoo also has a different series, suitable for different hair, this water-shaped shampoo is designed for oily hair dry hair, 72 hours, clean and cool, deeply water.


This also has silicon oil-free water, containing hyaluronic acid and waterbu. It can be hydrily drafled, and the skin is quench. And the price is very close.

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