How does a sex tea bag wrap tea with filter paper?

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Before, how to make milk tea in the home home, the tea bag was equipped with broken tea below. The cost performance was high, and it saved himself to filter the tea. What is happier is to wash one less filter.


The design of this filter paper bag, considering hygiene issues, is basically determined that it is a machine encapsulated tea. How exactly is tea wrapped? Immediately entered the “interesting manufacturing” decryption mode …

Half open


Filter paper and tea

The tea bag was cut into the long strip of the above figure by the first layer of filter paper, so the filter paper that was sent into the packaging machine at the beginning was also a layer of the figure below. After the orange arrow was loaded with a pile of broken tea, the filter paper was gradually wrapped: the horizontal cross section is from the flat -type, to the unstoppable △ type, and then to the flat □ type.


Let’s take a look at a lens that look up from bottom to top. We can see that the broken tea leaves are separated by a pile of separation, not covered with the entire filter paper.

Cut into a bag

After the broken tea leaves are wrapped in the filter paper, the hot pressure opportunity on the left side of the figure below continues to produce continuous seams, and it will be completely wrapped in the broken tea leaves with filter paper; The scissors go down, and the independent small tea bag on the right side is prototype ~ Then press it to the right, and the tea bag seems to be frightened in his dream …


We move the decomposition steps slowly. There are two piles of broken tea in a small tea bag. After being sent to the middle of the big turntable, like the picture below, a W shape appeared at the bottom of the tea bag, and the robotic arm on both sides was folded, just like the master master made a corner -made tea bag origami. Essence


Fold the tea bag


The turntable continues to turn, and then the top of the filter paper should be folded into a triangle.

Continue our “origami game”, and the triangular tea bag will be folded inside.


After that, I need to use a small booking needle. It is not only to seal the rigorous tea bag, but also to fix the hanging line.

Since it is a continuous hanging line, to make an independent small tea bag, there is still a single operation of cutting one side to become a single operation.




Turning panoramic view

An independent tea bag is so fixed ~ Finally, we review this “big turntable” and slow movement full flow chart.

Simple tea bag


The folding tea bag introduced above is considered to be more neat and high -end goods. In addition, let’s see how to make two simple filter paper tea bags ~

Now let’s make up for it: you are sitting in the room of a small hotel, you first take the acrylic board with “guest to return” on the table. Do you see a small bag of “tea” dark green plastic packaging? Intersection

By the way, I also saw the “free enjoyment” sticker written on the wall with red Kaishi, then don’t hesitate, pick it up, tear it out!


This common simple tea bag with hanging -on -line is a vertical production line such as the figure below. It is still a single -layer filter paper folding the tea. But this time the cross -section -type flat filter paper slowly turned into a V -shaped, and then filled the broken tea leaves where the V opened, and the wrap was closer, and the tea bag became a U -shaped. After that, the heat compressor put the hanging line into the edge of the edge, and finally cut it in such a horizontal cut.


No -mounting

What if this hotel is prepared for you? Alas, let’s look at the production method of a double -layer filter paper: First of all, on the first layer of filter paper, the machine automatically puts a pile of crushed tea.


Then quickly cover another layer of filter paper.

Finally, the thermal compressor was sealed and tailored, and this was collected into a separate tea bag ~


School pair: CAST + Jiang Xiaowan

Screenshot: Brother Yang

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