Light and breathable, sweat and dry, this sports pants are absolutely good! Simple and generous and beautiful, you are a sports man to wear

For most male friends, choosing a pair of comfortable and beautiful pants is a big problem for buying pants every year, and why men always love to wear old pants! Intersection

In fact, when designing men’s pants, the designer is much more complicated than women’s pants. After all, he has to leave some position for his brothers.


In summer, you can choose loose shorts, but when you buy long pants in autumn and winter, it seems a bit troublesome.


And in order to take care of the warmth, the pants in winter are either too ugly, or the pants will be stuffy with impermeable fabrics. For sports boys, it will be stubborn and sticky, and it feels unbearable.

The trousers that are not tailored will also be prone to card crotch. I feel embarrassed when walking. If it is a sports pants, I really want to cry without tears.

Therefore, in autumn and winter, the boys are difficult to choose pants, and it is difficult to choose comfortable sports pants!


How to choose sports pants in sports boys?

Autumn and winter sports pants,


The basic requirements are breathable, sweat, comfort, and warmth

So comfortable and breathable fabrics are very important.

In addition to being related to fabrics, the impact of the trouser version cut is also very obvious. One

The version of the version and the pants that fit the lower body is the key to comfort.

Today I will recommend a fashion, simple, generous and practical, specifically born for fitness

Autumn and winter thin sports cropped pants!

Reasons for recommendation


1. Quickly absorb and sweat, keep the skin surface dry and comfortable.

2. S three -dimensional tailoring is in line with ergonomics, comfortable and freedom


3. The style is simple and beautiful, but also resistant to dirty and dirty

01 hygroscopic sweat, dry and comfortable

Friends who love sports are all knowing the importance of sweating and breathable sportswear in sports. Whether it is hot summer or cold winter, as long as you exercise, you must sweat.

If the clothes and pants are not breathable without sweating, the clothes will be sticky on the body. Not only should it endure the sticky feeling, but also because the clothes are soaked and friction, it is more likely to be injured.

In relatively cold weather, wearing sweaty clothing is also prone to fever and a cold.

And this sports nine -point pants recommended by Xiaobian use special

Sports fabric


It has good hygroscopic, sweatability and breathability.

Even if the water is poured directly, you can see that the water droplets quickly penetrate through the pants.

Super sweats.


When using steam tests, you can also see the steam can be quickly distributed through the fabric, and the breathability is great! Even in exercise

Sweat can also spread quickly, so that the pants can be dried quickly



There are also some autumn and winter pants that are specially made in order to keep warm, but it also causes it to do very hard during exercise, and even some pants are not breathable enough.

Because the technology fabrics used in this sports ninete pants are very light, wearing no pressure, and running sports is easier.

The soft and soft touch makes the skin of the pants comfortable and not easy to deform

02 Cubs of tailoring, in line with ergonomics

At the same time, this sports cropped pants are also full of sincerity. The technique of three -dimensional tailoring is in line with ergonomics. It perfectly presents a bodybuilding leg shape and wears a sense of fashion.



Some trousers are not comfortable to walk or exercise enough because of the reasons, and even card crotch.


For example, pants such as jeans and tight pants, they are uncomfortable when they walk. Legs and feet have friction with tight pants, sometimes panic.

The pants from 3D three -dimensional seamless cutting technology are cut directly through the actual model human body.

Structural engineering that is in line with human body is more conducive to activity.

03 Very good -looking, daily wear can be worn

Three -dimensional tailoring, design of nine -point pants. Different from the hot entire network sports pants, this nine -point pants use an open thin -foot mouth, which is full of trendy.

Suitable for various sports occasions, free movement, no matter how running, fitness, cycling or football, with various sportswear without pressure, it is versatile and beautiful.

At the same time, because the version is generous and stylish, it is not only suitable for wearing during exercise. It is also very suitable for daily life.

Black sports pants, the overall style is simple, strong to wear, comfortable and stylish, very suitable for daily work and play, with T -shirt+stockings, plus sneakers, proper trend Boy!


04 Rich details, practical and durable

In addition to good fabrics and good version, the details of this sports pants are also very rich. It is resistant to dirt, dirty, durable, improves the overall quality, soft and breathable.


Pockets are designed on the side. It is practical and convenient. Friends who like running outdoors can put a small thing in their pockets. The keys on paper towels can be easy to carry.

The waist uses drawing rope design, fashionable, relaxed and self -regulating, suitable for people with various figures.


The mouth of the feet uses the edge of the four -needle and six lines, which is more durable. Because the foot mouth is often rubbed, the four stitches and six lines will be more firm, more wear -resistant than the ordinary three -pin and five lines.


You can wear both exercise, but also daily autumn and winter thin nine -point pants. Now it costs only 69 yuan! Buy two pieces and minus 20!


Today’s special offer

1 piece 69 yuan


Two pieces were reduced by 20, only 118 yuan!


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