This summer, “apricot color trousers” came again to explode the street again, specially treated the thick legs+black and yellow skin, and the skin was thin and thin.

I have seen the clear blue trousers like the sky, and I have seen pure and romantic white trousers like flowers. Have you ever seen a bright and gentle pants like March of Yangchun?

Don’t just wear black and white and blue anymore, apricot -colored trousers are this year’s “Fried Street” item. Put on a whole high -level living. Do you not come to see it?


>> Come here to pick this yellow skin with white and thin legs and thin legs

(NO.1) Let’s unveil the “mysterious veil” of apricot trousers


The easiest to be confused with apricot is beige and brown trousers. But as long as the three of them are in the same frame, you will find that it is simple to distinguish them.


The white trousers are higher, and the brown saturation is higher than the apricot. The apricot color is perfectly intervened between white and brown, with both white fresh and sharp, but also brown low -key and gentleness.

(NO.2) The advantage of apricot pants that makes you unable to refuse

The apricot color comes with a gentle and high -level atmosphere, with any costumes with more high -level blessings than other pants.

The apricot trousers can also enlarge the figure, making the little man more tall. What’s more, apricot color is lower -key than white, fresher than brown, and brushing the yellow and black skin, it is not too friendly!

>> Different types of apricot pants are matched with tops like this.

(Category 1) The most versatile milk apricot color trousers+arbitrary color matching


Milk apricot color is the closest to white tone, which will be higher than other apricot colors to color, which means that sisters can create them at will ~

You can be like the first younger sister

, With a high -brightness white top, put the same color system out of the sense of layering;

It can also be like the second younger sister,


With a short color top, wearing your own personality.


(Category 2) The highest -level dark apricot color trousers+up and down color contrast method


Dark apricot trousers are closer to brown tones, but less brown dull hue, which is more suitable for hot summer. But unfortunately, dark apricot pants are easier to show darker than light apricot.

In the matching, we must pay more attention to color contrast. It is recommended to use a color scheme with shallow or shallow or shallow and down,

Enhance the contrast between skin tone and top color, so that you can wear a sense of advancement ~

(Category 3) The gentlest pink apricot pants+understanding of the same color system

Who can refuse a pair of romantic and sweet pink apricot trousers like cherry blossoms? I believe that every woman has a girl in her heart, so let pink apricot trousers generously show this girl’s heart!

Pink apricot trousers with the high -level white top above, the brightening effect comes up instantly.

Even if it is yellow and black skin, it can make the whole person shining brightly ~

(Category 4) The softest apricot yellow trousers+the same color dew skin top

Apricot yellow trousers are softer and glutinous, but they are not as dull and boring as ordinary yellow -tone items. Low saturated apricot yellow is like macaron, super dreamy!

Apricot yellow trousers can use the same color matching method with confidence, but it is best to choose a large collar design,

Don’t make the match too dull.

You can also choose high saturated low -brightness color single items to enhance color comparison while exposing skin ~

>> The white and thin dry goods of apricot trousers are all here, come and collect it.

(NO.1) The skin yellow is mostly white in the upper body

I believe a lot of careful sisters have discovered it? Among the several types of apricot trousers above, they all use the tips to brighten the white on the upper body. That’s right, white is the “secret weapon” of our yellow black skin!


The reason why yellow black skin is more dirty than pure white or black skin is because its skin brightness is not enough.

But the high -level whiteness of the upper body has its own reflective effect.


It is a rare treasure that is “removed and removed black” ~


(NO.2) The skin is dark and the upper body is dark.

But if the skin is too dark, it is not suitable to use white directly on the upper body. After all, if the color gap between the clothes and the complexion of the clothes is too large, isn’t it even more darker?

The dark yellow and black skin should use dark clothing on the upper body.

Like the black or dark coffee color top with apricot pants, it is very high -quality.

(NO.3) Select the color of the top according to the skin’s warmth and warmth

The cold and cold tone of the skin must also be included in the consideration. If the warm leather is put on a cold color top, the overall match will become uncoordinated, and even chaos.

The correct way to open is:

Cold -colored skin jackets choose more cold tones, and warm skin chooses more warm colors.

Of course, the warm -colored apricot pants should be matched with a warm color top,

Let the cold and cold tone of the clothing be consistent.

(NO.1) High waistline apricot color trousers+only expose the skin of the feet

Apricot trousers can also easily save your thick legs. One

High waistline apricot loose trousers,

Take the back instep high heels or sandals, etc.

Exposing a part of the skin

It can be thinner than other pants.


You can also use it like the two younger sisters above

High waist short top or plug corner method

Make the high waistline more prominent ~


(NO.2) Echo of the H -shaped loose apricot pants+color echo up and down

The method for all thick -legged girls is:

Select a loose H -shaped apricot pants, and then use the color of the shoes and tops to echo.

The echo of shoes and tops is best to choose color echo,

This will be more fashionable than the simple basic color. Usually good -looking but dare not try colorful, you can use it at this time ~

(NO.3) Broadly and narrow contrast, shift your attention center of gravity

Since the annoying rough legs are not good for us, we can focus on the most advantageous parts of us.

Sisters with thin upper body and fat lower body must try this kind of narrow and narrow and width.

If the whole is fat, you can also try to choose

The slim dew is paired with a medium -long loose jacket, and then a loose apricot long trousers cover the meat.

>> Don’t miss the “Fried Street” combination of these apricot trousers in summer

(First set) Basic slim white T -shirt with suit apricot trousers

How to use hundreds of yuan to wear tens of thousands of yuan? Just look at the demonstration of the younger sister above ~

Simple and slim white T -shirt comes with a high sense of high -level, with basic apricot suit trousers. Finally, the color collision between avocado green leather bags and clothing is the essence of fashion.

(Second set) Personalized short suit with high -waist apricot pants

Apricot color is a truly gentle and powerful color. I saw the senior side of apricot color before, let’s take a look at the strong side of apricot color!

The short apricot suit has a hard texture, and the high waist design is also very friendly to the small man. With a vertical apricot trousers,

Use the difference in lightness to wear the sense of layering.

(Third set) The contrasting color of red shirts and apricot trousers

Unexpectedly, our previous color matching was too conservative. Take a look at the combination of this set of chocolate shirts and light apricot trousers, it is really amazing ~

Both shirts and apricot trousers are made of thinner and breathable linen, which weakens the aggressiveness brought by the contrast. With a straw handbag, there is a little bit of artistic atmosphere.

>> Apricot -colored trousers worn by the tide people, we can’t be behind

Only those who have tried apricot color trousers know how much apricot color is suitable for yellow and black skin, which is really white! Only those who wear apricot pants are clear, how thin the apricot pants are!

Apricot trousers are a well -deserved treasure item this year. It has more wonderful things. When you try it, you will know ~

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