Go to the “Centennial Bag Art Collection First Exhibition” and watch the stories of those bags in the movie “The Great Gatsby” movie

Caption: Photo confession at the exhibition site organizer

This Mid -Autumn Festival, the 100 -year bag art collection of “To the Elegant” was launched at the center of Shangjia. This exhibition exhibited retro handbags that spans the 1990s from the time sequentially. 20 antique collections with the characteristics of the times have come from Europe to the first China. You can see the stories of the bags in the movie “Great Gatsby”, and you can also see Monroe’s favorite handbag …


During the exhibition, the audience could see Napoleon’s wife, Queen Josephine’s preferred small handbag, and she led them to the popularity of the court. There is also exhibits from the 1920s and 1930s, the luxury bags and handbags wearing the gentlemen in the movie “Great Gatsby” in the movie “The Great Gatsby” are all imitating the style of these exhibits. In addition, there is a attractive buckle fluorite bag from the 1950s and the top. “Hands”, combined with the bamboo festivals full of oriental charm and weaving, creating the freedom and romantic feelings of the hippie era.

It is reported that this exhibition is divided into multiple exhibition areas such as Shibao Declaration, Time, and Shiba Fengyun. The exhibition time lasted until September 30. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Wu Xiang)

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