Like skirt, no skirt, beautiful hairspants wear

On the sweetness, it doesn’t have a skirt, the handsome, it seems that it is not asked. But it is so indispensable in Mina women’s eyes – “wide leg pants”. Popularity does not mean blindly follow the wind, because it can improve the modeling for easy matching, and today’s love is destined to not be it.

Top is to choose a simple, short, tight

似裙非裙 别具风味的阔腿裤穿搭要领

The looseness of the lower body leap pants is loaded to make the addition and subtraction, the simple design style, short length, the slim cut curve, consciously select the above conditions, and put an end to the shirt.


The fashioned dropped with hundreds of works is OK

Attached to the waistband wide leg pants / Lily Brown brown top / Jeanasis knitted cap / CA4LA (CA4LA Showroom) backpack (arrival in early September) / NOёLA shoes / Coco deal

Short shirt

All the unique design of the wide leg pants is not reserved.

似裙非裙 别具风味的阔腿裤穿搭要领

Wide-leg pants / Bit Blue Pink Top / Furfur (Furfur Laforet) Knitted Tercrates / WHO’S WHO Chico Haimbeku Paisand Shoes / Free Fish (EURO Pacific Japan)


Slim lines of sweaters to create perfect balance

似裙非裙 别具风味的阔腿裤穿搭要领

Silk tissue style wide leg pants / Furfur (Furfur Laforet) White high-neck sweater / AULI mini bag / Three Four Time (Jione business) Shoes / avan lily (baroque? Japan Limited)

似裙非裙 别具风味的阔腿裤穿搭要领

Waist tape or top under clothing

To make the wide leg pants are not so casual, the secret is that “waist curve” is fully present. The method of picking up trousers under the belt & topping under the belt & top. It is necessary to wear.

Large waist

似裙非裙 别具风味的阔腿裤穿搭要领

If you don’t care if you have no care on the jacket belt.

Wide-leg pants / Rose BUD Jacket / Shinzone X Ships (Ships Shibuya) T-shirt / Agnost Pack / Laugoa Casual Shoes / Converse (Converse Information Center)

Bring the waist to help dress up more

似裙非裙 别具风味的阔腿裤穿搭要领

Wide leg pants / Zara (Zara · Japan) high-neck sweater, belt / is a DAZZLIN Hat / Ca4LA (CA4LA Showroom) Cascade / Masaca (Ray Beams Harajuku) Casual Shoes / Avan Lily (Baroque? Japan Limited)

Topped into the waist

Everything is easy to wear the i-line

Wide-leg pants, tops / all Ray Beams (Ray Beams Haajuku) Bag / Casselini Fur Decorative Leather Shoes / The Dayz Tokyo Shibuya Shop Select dark wide-leg pants, up and down, unified colors, instantly switched ripe winds.

“W is fitted” under the shirt is very fresh

Wide legs / NOёLA shirts / Yaeca Study (Ships Shibuya) Boston Pack / Laugoa Laofu Shoes / Diana (Diana Ginza Tleri) Dynamic shirts and floating silent harsh pants are not general matching.

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似裙非裙 别具风味的阔腿裤穿搭要领

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