After giving birth to the child, my mother don’t forget to buy these four things. I can help you to easily lactify

The milk buns are mainly used to store breast milk and keep breast milk. Some mothers have been born with too much breast milk, and the baby can’t eat each time. When the baby is hungry, I will take it directly to heat it. The milk storage bag is a disposable product. It is only necessary to pull the zipper seal during use. It is also very practical for the working workers’ mom, neither delay in work, nor does it delay your baby’s milk.

Mother breastfeeding mother, because the secretion of milk causes increase in the weight of the breast, if it does not wear a breastfeeding in breastfeeding, it is easy to cause the breast sagging. The correct wear mammaline thoracomid can prevent mother’s breasts or extensions, which is helpful for postpartum chest shaping. Breastfeeding bras as possible to choose a comfortable breathable fabric, we don’t make your mother feel uncomfortable, is a good helper during mother’s breastfeeding.


After wearing a child’s breastfeeding clothes, my mother’s body is still very weak, it is easy to catch cold, so it is necessary to keep warm during breastfeeding. And during the month, metabolism accelerate, more diligent in the replacement of the clothes, the mother is best to prepare 1-2 sets of extrageral breasts. With breastfeeding clothes, you only need to gently pull the opening on both sides of the chest every time, even in public, it can be fed, it is a good helper for breastfeeding mom.


After breastfeeding, the mother’s waist will be relatively fragile, plus long-term feeding during lactation, and it is easy to fall down the month. After breastfeeding, you can effectively assist your mother for safe and comfortable feeding. When breastfeeding, mothers can choose more comfortable postures to feed their baby, which can also reduce the fatigue of mother’s arms. A variety of breastfeeding pillows on the market must pay attention to quality assurance when mothers should buy. Breast is a natural nutritional food, so it is best to choose breastfeeding. Mom can prepare these things in advance, and lactation will be easier. Disclaimer: Reprinted this article is for the purpose of passing more information. If there is a source labeling errors or infringes your legitimate rights and interests, please hold the right to contact this website, we will be timely corrected, deleted, thank you. (Article Source: rice group Ma Ma)

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