Real shot 2022 spring and autumn new retro green lattice coats small suit women short Korean version loose suits

Dangdang ~-style plaid suit is new, loose H version, not as long and procrastinating as ordinary suit jackets.The unique suit collar, fusion of leisure and dignity, two grains, fashionable and expensive, make the clothes more texture.Both sides flip pockets, three -dimensional layers. The sense of secondary, beautiful and practical.


The button cuffs can be rolled edge, which brings a sense of strength and sharpness, and is the star ring of many women in the workplace.Select the texture checkered fabric, and feel delicate and soft. We have also made many adjustments in the length of the clothes. It can be just right to cover the length of the PP, and it will not look wide.


In short, this is a suit jacket with a high appearance rate. The upper body is slowly wearing him to attend various occasions.

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