The color matching net gauze skirt, irregular version, easily wear unique femininity and personality

The irregular net yarn skirt, the unique irregular version, makes people feel exciting. The pink and black color matching design itself is very romantic, very girly, the mesh fabric of the puff skirt, romantic, beautiful, loose and tight waistline design, wearing unleashed people, comfortable and free.


The irregular mesh fluffy skirt does not need to be taken care of. The puff is stylish, the loose rubber band design on the waist, the waist effect is particularly good, wearing a small waist that is loved by people. The fabric has a strong sense of fashion, has good toughness and pineness, has no stimulation with the skin, fabric is abrasion -resistant, is not easy to scratch, does not fall off, and is more comfortable to wear!

The irregular net gauze skirt has the characteristics of a tour tail skirt. The elegant shape is very good. The upper body can be matched with the same light chiffon or gauze top, black and pink stitching skirts. Very fashionable and versatile.

Black and pink stitching itself is a very sweet color. If you don’t like to wear too tight clothes, the upper body can also be paired with the colorful loose coarse knit sweaters. High -heeled shoes, women’s charm can be presented, young ladies and sisters can try, sweet and feminine.

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