Comfortable and elastic sports underwear, fitness and running are more comfortable

Due to friction, sweating, etc., it is not recommended to wear ordinary briefs during exercise, but to choose flat trousers or sports panties.


Sports underwear has the advantages of breathable, sweating, and quick -drying, which can better protect the private parts. Next, I recommend a few comfortable and stylish fabric sports underwear.


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Otherwise, the underwear will not dry for a day



Under Armour UA men’s 3 -inch sports casual underwear -2 pack -1327414


Under Armor uses sports tights to hair home. The products are basically manufactured by nylon and polyester. It pays attention to breathable, fast dry and comfortable. Its sports underwear is also the same. This Andma’s sports underwear uses polyester and spandex blend fabrics. The former ensures that the underwear is dry, and the latter enhances the elasticity of the underwear, making it more convenient when the wearer exercises. The slim -fitting design can prevent the underwear displacement during exercise, making the movements more flexible. The panties are designed with mesh fabric surface design to enhance the breathability and help to maintain dry and comfortable. The side and back are seamlessly designed, reducing the grinding feeling that the stitching may bring, and enhancing the comfort of wearing. Andma currently has flagship stores in and Tmall, which is very suitable for users who like sports.


Under Armour UA men’s 6-inch sports casual underwear-2 pack-1327415

In the sports clothing market, Under Armor is favored by sports people with extremely high professionalism, and its products focus on breathable, fast dry and comfortable -these characteristics can also be found on the underwear. This 6 -inch sports shorts are longer than the previous pants, so it is suitable for long -distance endurance exercise. Compared with cotton fiber, polyester fabrics have better preservation, abrasion resistance and quick -drying sweat absorption. The addition of spandex makes the overall elasticity of the underwear, which helps to make exercise more flexible. In addition, this underwear placket has a mesh fabric design, which can improve the breathability and maintain the dry and comfortable privacy. The side and back are seamlessly designed to reduce sewing friction and improve comfort. Andma online and online sales channels are complete, sports enthusiasts may wish to pay attention.


C-in2 cotton sports elastic U bump low-waist flat-angle underwear 6960P


C-I always emphasizes the sense of design and functionality. It focuses on low waist (lower than common low waist), hips, U-convex design, maximize male charm-they even apply these ideas to sports underwear. This low -waist sexy 6960P underwear is the product of this idea. 6960P is a HARD sports series of C-IN2. It uses 95%cotton and 5%spandex blended fabrics. It has both cotton breathability and moisture absorption and appropriate elasticity. There will be no restraint during exercise. Its hips are seamlessly tailored to avoid discomfort of pinching hips. In addition to the consistent U -convex design at the front crotch, the opening is also designed on the side of the placket to increase the breathability. After sweating, it can reach a dry and comfortable state. C-in2 has an official flagship store in and Tmall. The price of products is moderate. It is recommended to buy men with sexy and sporty panties.


CK flat -angle underwear low -waisted minimalist men’s quadrilateral trousers shorts three -strip U2664G



Calvin Klein, referred to as CK, belongs to the PVH Group as well as the famous fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger. Design has always been the advantage of Calvin Klein, and has won the Cordie American Fashion Critics Award for three consecutive times. Calvin Klein’s reputation is very loud. This diamond trousers are the classics in its classics. The fashionable wide -edge design and the familiar logo embellishment, still walking the trendy personality style. The fabric of the cotton aminotrafins guarantees good elasticity, and it will not bring a sense of restraint when wearing it. Double -layer trouser feet design, close -fitting legs. Calvin Klein’s products can be bought in Tmall and JD. If you want to buy the original original version, you can choose the import supermarket of the two platforms, and the price is relatively real.


Schiesser/Shuya Men’s 3 installed Modal flat -angle underwear E9/16473T



Shuya is one of the largest underwear producers in the world, and its development is very rapid. In the early 20th century, it became an international enterprise. Compared with other fashion underwear brands, Shuya’s biggest advantage is that it has its own fiber fabric research and development center and direct factories. It is a underwear company covering the entire industry chain. Compared with. Shuya’s blue brand series has always been a comfortable and close -fitting experience. This 50 chiri essence Modal flat -angle panties, the fabric is soft and comfortable, and the breathability is good; the waist design of the body, with the laser pressure gel process, wearing comfortable and unrestrained, clean without trace. The U -shaped warehouse tailoring and the German edge process can give the privacy in sufficient space, and eliminates the trouble of opening the line and a good quality. This underwear is sold in Shuya’s Tmall and Jingdong flagship stores. The price of 3 installations is between 140-190 yuan and is a good choice for cost-effective users.


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