Qiu Tiger hasn’t taken five -point short -sleeved T -shirts so that this summer is no longer monotonous

Summer has passed, autumn is here

And the hot summer is delayed

A colorful T -shirt makes this summer no longer alone

High -quality and delicate fabric and the collision close to the neck

Makes large size clothes look naive

With black trousers, it is more elegant and reliable


The same color T -shirt and pants are more advanced and mature

Three -color fine stripe T -shirt makes people feel comfortable and relaxed


Very active in summer and autumn


Summer combination created by trendy college logos and borders created by tie -dyed borders

Five -point T -shirts, so that this autumn is no longer monotonous

The loose silhouette allows the autumn belly to hide in the clothes

With water washing jeans and electronic watches


A character pattern that looks like rap


And retro English and Arabic text T -shirt

Literary and artistic


Back logo design of the big pattern

Paired with light -colored wash jeans

The girl behind it will be attracted by you

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