Zhang Ziyi celebrates his life! Wearing jewelry grabbing the limelight, the little apple -made heavy makeup is old but mature

Zhang Ziyi Wangfeng is also a happy five -mouth home. Little Apple has also joined this big family in recent years and got Zhang Ziyi’s love. Zhang Ziyi’s love for Little Apple is beyond doubt! As we all know, the Zhang Ziyi family will bring the little apple when they go out, and each time the two are dressed in the same frame, they are very much like sisters. Zhang Ziyi and the 16 -year -old step -girl in the same frame may also feel pressure. After all, the little apple is so small, and her face is full of collagen, which is easy to be compared. Zhang Ziyi and the little apple are more beautiful in the same frame, setting off youth and vitality. After all, they are so much worse!


I have to say that the older women now love to wear a variety of tender clothes, or tender colors, and start to like to wear bright colors. This is also the sign of the previous age! And the little girl now likes to dress up. It can be seen that most of the Zhang Ziyi is dressed in bright colors, but the little apple is vice versa, and there are more black systems. Black letters sweater with cave denim, girls’ casual signs. And Zhang Ziyi wore a pony wig, cute and burst!

The mother and daughter are more like a sister. Zhang Ziyi can always find the highlights in the same frame. The private server is always able to find the highlights. The little apple chooses low -key clothes. After all, he cannot grab the stepmother’s limelight. Zhang Ziyi’s white striped knitted jacket with jeans, boots, gentle and fresh without losing the sense of girly. The mature atmosphere of the small apple is full of collagen.


On November 25, the Zhang Ziyi family celebrated the 16th birthday for the little apple. The good flowering season, the little apple became more and more mature! Little Apple rarely high -profile in front of the family, and the style of dressing is always so well -behaved. The girls’ feelings, leisure clothes and low -key color. This is a rare sexy, one year old is different!

Black casual clothes are relatively easy to be casual. If it is a black slim -fitting top, it will be more mature women. It is still a sexy exposed navel dress. With shorts, the good figure cannot stop it! Black tight -fitting tops outline their mature figures and have mature figures. Putting on a gray casual jacket, the little girl likes to wear it like this. The dew -belly button is equipped with a casual dress, sexy and full of casual sense. The students’ youth is too vibrant, and it also has a trace of mature and sexy.

Little apples are rare to make large thick makeup, rich eyelashes, thick foundation, and it feels better than light makeup. At first glance, the little apple is a fashionista, wearing two necklaces, a row of necklaces in the ears, the sign of the fashion and exquisite girl, a sense of layering and a very delicate sense of goddess. The beautiful temperament is also very good, and the figure is mature.


Little Apple’s big makeup this time looks too mature. The too mature makeup completely covers the innocence of the girl. Instead, she looks old -fashioned. Zhang Ziyi appeared in a fashion, and the blue lotus leaf shirt was wearing jewelry, exquisite and capable, and dressed more than a small apple. Zhang Ziyi’s little apple is dressed like this, Zhang Ziyi looks younger than his successor!


Wake up and dragged his chin, wearing a green apple perspective skirt, and cute and cute! I haven’t appeared in the second twice, the joy of happiness is going to explode! What do you think?

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