Most European and American women like tight clothes, “mold” wearing silver skirts, big show sexy figure

Chinese women since ancient times

Mainly conservative

This kind of thought has also been far -reaching. Even in the 21st century, some people still think that women’s wear should be better, but with the popularity of European and American style, everyone’s thoughts have changed.

European and American wind wearables are mostly tight -fitting models

It can show the figure curve and it looks very sexy, and the red carpet shape of European and American actresses is also very sexy, very confident, which is amazing.

Most European and American women like tight clothes, “mold” wear


Silver skirt

, Da Xiu sexy figure, mold is the nickname of Chinese netizens to Taylor Swift. She is a well -known talented woman in the American music circle, and she is also very beautiful. A kind of praise.

“Mold” is a good figure. Although the small belly is really obvious, it does not affect beauty at all. When the “mold” sitting down, the small belly looks obvious, but there is no one person, and the body of the woman should not be too much to the body of the woman. Davided, she wears


Long skirt

It looks beautiful, confident and charming.

The “moldy” red carpet shape is really

Very European and American

Feeling, sexy and charming, exciting,

Sexy style

It looks so attractive and feminine.

There are two major features of sexy style: exposure and tightness

Essence It can show women’s charm well. Then let’s understand

European and American sexy style


Silver dress

▷ note V -neck+revealing waist

The skirt adopts the design of the upper and lower parts

, The design of a short suspender above,

V -neck suspender

It can stretch the neck well, show temperament, also modify the face shape, and also show feminine charm.

Design of suspenders

It can also show straight -angle shoulder and arm lines, increasing temperament and charm.

Short design

It can show the waistline well, show the waist curve well, and at the same time, it also improves the waistline.

▷í tight version skirt

Overall tight version, upper body

Tight suspender

Can show the body curve well, and

The lower body adopts the design of long skirts

, Tight -fitting straight version can show the lines of the waist and hips.

at the same time

Straight version

Can cover the fat on the legs well,

Slightly long skirt

Can cover high heels well, lengthen the proportion of legs, adjust your body proportion, and make yourself look more slender.

▷▷ is mainly silver


Dominated by silver

It has a good eye -catching effect, and it can also brighten the skin tone, which is very suitable for fair skin. The edge of the suspender and the waist of the skirt

Decorate with silver rhinestones

, Increasing the fineness of clothing, it looks more design.

Black dress

▷▷ Shoulder+split design


Design of a word shoulder

It can also show the sexy charm of women well, and can lengthen the neck and increase temperament. It can also show right -angle shoulders, which looks more temperament.

Side large split design

Can show the leg lines and increase sexy atmosphere.

▷í hollow tight version

The skirt is adopted as a whole

Hollow design

, Match

Flesh -colored lining

It looks very sexy, breasts

The design of the micro V with a cross -strap

It can also reflect sexy, the straps on the arm can cover the pair of breasts well,

The inner lining adopts a short design

, Make the legs look looming, very sexy.

▷▷ is mainly black

Black looks very good


There are also very good

Short and white

The effect, with the hollow design, can not only show sexy, but also mature to understand femininity.

Black mopping dress

叉 叉

Deep V is the most reflected element of sexy,

Deep V directly to the waist

, Let the upper body “divide” directly, it looks like a thin effect,


Design of hanging neck

It can also reflect the charm of women, and coupled with a large split, it simply reflects the sexy to the fullest.

▷▷ Hanging neck tight version

The design of hanging neck plus deep V


It can show sexy well, and at the same time, it can also show a better figure, slender arm lines and excellent right -angle shoulders. Waist


Black with luster to create a large split

At the same time, it can highlight the waistline and stretch the leg lines.

Side split

It can show the lines of the legs very well, increase sexuality, and the mop -up design can increase the momentum and increase the sense of design.

▷▷ accessories matching

Select on accessories

Golden metal ring necklace and golden handbags

, Match

Golden thin band high heel

Shoes, overall golden decoration, can increase the fineness of clothing well.

White carnival

▷▷ Deep V+revealing waist

Deep V’s design comes with sexy wind

, Coupled with the exposed waist design on both sides of the waist, it has a good response, and it can also increase sexy.

▷▷ Hanging neck tight -fitting version

The design of the thin band hanging neck plus the deep V can well show the body curve of the upper body, which can also increase the sexuality. At the same time, the pants are formed on the waist

Design of convex triangle

It can also increase the waistline, with slightly longer trousers legs, it looks like it can lengthen the proportion of the legs, making the whole person look more imposing.

The pants gradually wider from top to bottom

It looks very design.


▷▷ is mainly white

The overall white looks simple and clean, and it can also show the feminine temperament, adding a little femininity to the overall sexy style, and it looks more charming.

Sexy wind wearing

It is really tempting and charming, and people unconsciously amazed.

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