Not blowing, China’s 5 “cost-effective” down jacket brands, not better than Canada

Speaking of down jackets, France has Moncler League to favile, Canada has “big goose”, what are our duvet brands worth buying?

Affected by environmental and body, our country’s down jacket does not have the roughness of Europe and the United States. The version is more suitable for Asian body type; in our northeast China, cold winter season, it is really cold, so China’s down jacket is also very important .

Today, I plant five “walking” Chinese down jacket brands, which you will find: Whether it is a “clothing process”, “version design” or “cost performance”, do not lose Canada Goose!

01, Bosideng


It belongs to our China

National brand

. Women are well known, accompanying our Chinese people to spend the cold winter month.

Founded in 1976, in 45 years, it has been continuously innovated, and it is widely praised at home and abroad.

Now selling 72 countries such as the United States, France, Italy, and more than 200 million people in the world are wearing


Bosideng’s product line is very broad, whether it is a thin style, or resists zero four, 50 degree cold, Bosideng can easily control.

In addition, Bosideng also worked on the international fashion stage. Many of the Many designers of Bosideng used to fill fills, style trends, and prices only one-third of Canada Goose.


The domestic high-end down jacket market is occupied by Overseas down jacket brands such as Moncler, Canada, Canada, consumers prefer overseas luxury down jacket.

As the largest brand down jacket producer in the country, Bosideng has developed the world’s top down jacket “Dengfeng Series”. Perfect breakthrough in the market shackles, deeply interpreting what is “unbounded, and is full of peaks”.

02, black ice

The black ice product line mainly has a sleeping bag, a down series. Among them, the biggest selling point in the down jacket is to configure high.


Most of the rare felt fills, and 150g of pilot velvet (some can be up to 300g), 95% containing velvet, 800 fluffy, cost-effective

Black Ice is a very realistic low-key down brand in domestic outdoor varieties, and black ice is known for the domestic outdoor circle.

Black ice


Tiancian series down

Obtained, the filler was rejected, and the drying and fluffy of the duvet can be kept for a long time, minimizing the warmth effect.

Black ice 天 天 天 超 清清 服

Black skirt

03, Jun Yu

This brand of Jun Yu, I believe that most people have heard of it. In fact, Junyu is a domestic well-known outdoor brand.

Jun Yu / poor star

The company was founded in 1985, has been a MARMOT / Dialog, Japan Mont-Bell, etc. It has more than 8,000 meters of high altitude, and the polar down jacket, the down sleeping bag product line, is once the Chinese Antarctic examination team, China’s Everest resets the high level team.

Jun Yu down jackets are all use of goose, fluffy 700+, with a velvet, and fill the velvet in 100 g +.

Junfeng pills within a thousand yuan can reach 200g +, which is basically the standard of the whole series of Junfeng down jersey.

And Jun Yu has the world’s top 1000 fluffy, 95% goose. These configurations are not met by the Canadian Goose.

04, Tianshi


When Tianshi starts, it is dominated by the solution to the down sleeping bag. It is a partner of international first-class brands such as SD, REI, MEC. In 2007, Tianshi entered the outdoor apparel industry, and the down jacket was officially entered into the market.

Tianshi down jacket


Most of the 700 fluffy, 90% goose, and after the International RDS certification

Tianshi down jacket will combine outdoor and fashion, on the basis of warmth, the style design is also as fashion leisure. In addition to the basic paragraph, there is still a popular Pike down jacket.

HIGHROCK Tianshi windproof down jacket


Highrock Tianshi Outdoor Down Jacket


05, Kayo

Kaileshi is a domestic well-known outdoor brand, which is very cost-effective. Kaile’s down jacket shell fabric breathable, windproof, waterproof, wear-resistant. Has a higher fluffy, mostly 700-800 persons. The internal filler is mainly white / gray goose sweater, and a few styles fill the duvet. Clothing filling is much more than 150g above.


In view, the 5 domestic down jacket brand costs is good, and more choices are available.

Pay attention to quality, choose Jun Yu, black ice; pursue the style, Bosideng is very good; if you like outdoor style, Kailor stone is definitely preferred!


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