Fashionable in early spring, starting with a pair of “high waist pants”, fashionable and high, really foreign

Sure enough, fashion is a reincarnation. The high -waist pants that mothers like, after all, still come back, occupying the entire fashion circle. Fashionable girls all wear high -waisted trousers to show their beauty. Today’s high -waisted pants, not only the version of flared pants, but also have more fashionable details.


Advantages of high waist pants


Fashionable in early spring, starting with a pair of “high waist pants”, fashionable is very high, and it is really foreign. To say the advantage of high waist pants, it must be optimized. The sloppy waist and the pendant pants legs not only stretched the proportion of the legs, but also moved the waist lines upward, shortening the proportion of the upper body.

Even some girls who are not so superior, under the combination of high -waisted pants + short tops, can create a superior three -seven ratio. For the little girl, high -waisted pants are also rare benefits. They easily recessed their long legs, and the whole person’s aura is more advanced.

Choice of high waist pants

Slim high waist pants

The definition of high waist pants is just the increase in the proportion of the waist. The design of the trousers still has a large room for play. High -waist pants like trouser legs are also our common slim -fit high waist pants. This slim -fitted pants are mainly mainly dark -colored pants. The stretching length ratio, compressing horizontal lines, high and thin.

High -waist small black pants, more designs of self -slimness. As well as dark blue jeans, you can also choose a high -waisted slim design, adding elastic elements appropriately, more comfortable to wear, and no tightness.

Straight waist pants


There is a more straight and upright beauty. The legs of the straight trousers and the high -waisted version make the longitudinal proportion more straight. The long legs are slender and strong, which can better enhance the gas field and filled with high -level and simple beauty.


When we choose straight tube high waist pants, we need to refer to the fabrics of the pants. If the fabric is too soft, it will not have a strong sense of erectness. Therefore, the thick -falling denim fabric, or the stiff and straight velvet fabric is the best fabric for straight pants.

Micro -high waist pants


The design of Weila will have a more fashionable and thinner effect. The position of the thighs of the micro -high waist pants is better tightened, and the calf position is slightly relaxed, which can make the proportion of the legs more upright. At the same time, if your calf is a bit stout, the thigh is relatively slender, it is more suitable for micro -high waist pants.

From the bottom of the knee, the legs that are gradually expanded have a more exquisite and generous beauty. It can perfectly cover the thick feeling on the legs, and will not show a trace of fat. Such micro -high waist pants, fashionable foreign style, with thick -soled shoes, it is also pretty good.

Split high waist pants

With the update of fashion trends, the elements of personality have gradually been integrated into high waist pants. The design of this hem split is a more foreign and fashionable shape, and it can also better modify the leg shape, stretch the visual proportion, while increasing the fashionable and fashionable beauty.

High -waisted split -pants can be a pure colorful black pants or youthful jeans. The split at the hem allowed a lot of color to add a lot. Combined boots or high heels can be more fashionable and higher.

Matching high waist pants

Short coat + high waist pants

The short jacket, wearing in the early spring season, is also a more suitable choice. Whether it is a short woolen jacket, or short cotton jackets and down jackets, it is even lighter, which is enough to deal with the weather in early spring.


If the lower body combination of high waist pants, it can also form a proportion of short up and down, better optimize the proportion of legs, and outline a taller proportion. Of course, the loose short coat combination of slim -fit high -waisted high -waisted high -waisted high -waisted body, and the body will be more upright and the gas field will be more advanced.

Sweater + high waist pants


Casual and comfortable sweater, combined with high -waisted tug -foot sports pants, has a more fresh and comfortable beauty. The combination of sports pants and sweater is more casual and comfortable. And the loose combination is more natural and generous to wear.

In the early spring season, wearing a casual sweater and high -waisted trousers, there is a more refreshing and casual beauty. How to combine sports shoes, more comfortable and natural. The short boots with a combination of thin tube are even more handsome.


Knitted sweater + high waist pants

The combination of sweater and high waist pants has more comfortable and comfortable beauty. Knitting sweater can be a tailoring or a relatively loose style. In fact, different versions of knitwear can be paired with high -waisted trousers. The slim sweater is more suitable as an inner, combined high -waist trousers, which is sharp and generous.

The more loose sweater, which uses short cuts, is also very delicate in design. The design of this umbilical element, combining high -waist trousers, is fashionable and fashionable. The fresh light color is also very suitable for spring.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to choose and match high -waist trousers? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)


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