Wu Xuanyi appeared at the airport, and she dared to challenge the messenger bag. “Le Traction” was too amazing

Speaking of Wu Xuanyi, it is also a post -95s flower who is quite popular in the entertainment industry today. Wu Xuanyi, born in Hainan. The background of the family is also quite good. It is also the title of “Hainan’s rich woman”, but Wu Xuanyi with “star dream”. At the age of 21, he debuted as a member of the “Girl in the Universe” in South Korea. However, in South Korea, who gathered in that star, Wu Xuanyi has always been tepid. Wu Xuanyi, who successfully stood out, finally entered the public vision.


Wu Xuanyi’s pure looks have also made a lot of powder for her strength. Recently, Wu Xuanyi, who appeared at the airport, had a black shoulder hair, and a set of pink white T. She also returned to the beautiful girl in minutes. Is it possible for junior high school students to believe it? In this entertainment circle that is “thin as the beauty”, Wu Xuanyi is also a well -known skinny beauty. She has a figure Qianxi. She puts on this white T, and “Elementary School Students” is also fulfilled!


The tight clothes also perfectly show the slender figure of Wu Xuanyi, and the cross -body bag belt is quite interesting. The girl with a “flat chest” is really pressureless, but the traces of the strap can be. It can be seen that Wu Xuanyi’s figure is still quite good. The deep -concrete marks are evidence. From this perspective, Wu Xuanyi’s figure is simply perfect, thin and not dry, just right!

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