8 kinds of sandals are blacklisted! Especially for this kind of net red children’s shoes, the more popular it is, it is not recommended to wear

Hello everyone, I am your old friend Fan Mom.

This is gradually getting hot. I think about buying a pair of new sandals for Fanfan. The children grow fast. Last year’s shoes didn’t wear it a few times, this year was small.

I never thought, I saw the following angrily reported report: The Consumer Council’s sampling found that 4 children’s shoes and 8 elderly shoes were deotenal.

And these shoes,

It is likely to cause cancer, and long -term contact may lead to reproductive organs!

I am also bored. Is there no child at home, no children at home, no elderly people at home?

We have been a parent for two years, and we all know that the child was originally given to the child

Wearing wrong shoes



Affect your baby walking





The severe case affects the baby’s skeletal development, causing an image

O -type legs, X -type legs, footsteps, footsteps


Foot deformed

This time, the science popularization of the right shoes is still long -term on the road, and a “black -hearted merchant” was killed halfway!


If we can’t avoid 100%of the black -hearted merchants, then take 3 minutes and learn to choose children’s shoes for the baby.

Today we take the baby sandals as an example and dry the goods below.

01 How to choose baby sandals?

Let’s first have no nonsense and streamlined version. You can press and store or collect it.

Let’s explain the elite version in detail. If you have time, look at it carefully. Without time, let’s slide down and look at the next party.

Looking at the design, it is necessary to comply with the development of the baby’s footsteps.


The front bag toes, the heel

Need to be needed before and after

Have a certain hardness

, Give the baby’s heel and ankle sufficient support and protection to prevent the toes from being injured.

In addition, it is best to choose

Buckle or sticky


The style, without shoelaces, easy to wear and take off, can also be adjusted according to the baby’s instep height.

Look at the material, preferably the leather, cloth or canvas upper.

Choose a soft, sweat -absorbent, and breathable material as much as possible. The front packets and heels should be harder and have a certain support.


Look at the soles, moderate soft and hard, and proper non -slip.

To the soles of the shoe, the bending part is in the front, the appointment

one third


Explain that it is moderate and moderate.

At the same time, avoid the soles of the shoe too slippery, and the baby is easy to slide; it is not good to be too astringent.

If the baby’s soles of the baby are too smooth, you can use it

Sandpaper or tape

Make the soles rough.

Look at the palm of the shoe, the forefoot should be thin, the insoles are non -slip, and the soft and hard are moderate

The part of the forefoot is thinner, and the baby’s toe gripping the ground is conducive to stimulating the development of the soles of the soles.

The baby’s small feet are easy to sweat, and the non -slip insoles will be protected by multiple layers.


Look at the weight, don’t choose too heavy shoes.

The shoes are too heavy, which is a burden for adults, let alone babies who are growing and developing? So preferred shoes.

Look at the size, don’t be greedy or too small.

Generally speaking, shoes

The size of the inner length is 0.5-1cm larger than the size

Will suffice.

Or after the baby puts on the shoes, the length of the shoes can be stuffed into the adult’s little thumb.


Smelling the taste, no pungent shoes.

This standard is suitable for choosing anything, as long as there is a uncomfortable odor, decisively pass.

02 8 kinds of sandals “pit baby” did not discuss, don’t wear it!

Speaking of “pit baby” sandals, the hole shoes ranked second, and no shoes dare to rank first.

In particular, it is not suitable for babies under 2 years of age. Hole shoes do not wrap their ankles, which are easy to trip, which is not conducive to the development of the correct walking posture.

Especially when riding an elevator, there is even more risk of being involved!


There are also Internet celebrities “called shoes and light shoe”. They are very windy. Many parents don’t think much. They will buy it for the baby.

But this kind of shoe is actually not recommended. You think, the baby is easily attracted by the sound and shiny things, it is likely to cause the baby to always

Looking down at the shoes, walking, or stomping the ground hard.

It’s been a long time,

For spine development, walking habits, vision

It will have a certain impact. And unqualified light shots will also have the risk of explosion.

In addition, there are some not recommended sandals, I summarize this one below



Inside, it is recommended that you keep reading.

We are serious ▼ We are serious ▼


03 Selecting shoes and wearing common problems, one picture is preserved

Having said so much, have your eyes and brain have already begun to talk?

Don’t panic, look at it twice after the “after class”.

In addition, the following 8 high -frequency questions about choosing shoes and wearing shoes, the education park will help you answer.

Such intimate, remember to keep and save.

Finally, I hope today’s article can help you, I would like to have more


, An extra healthy baby!

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