PVC returns again this summer! Japanese tide brand nana-nana transparent package price is super easy to start

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The hot summer is coming, in addition to changing the season, even the bag will be changed. Remember the super -rammed PVC package last year? If you return strongly this summer, if you just like it, you must not miss the tide brand “Nana-Nana” from Japan!

Recently, the hottest PVC package on IG is definitely the Japanese tide brand NANA-Nana. The simple design has been favored by many European and American Internet celebrities and stars last year. Compared with the transparent bags pushed by major boutiques last year, such as Chanel and Valentino, the design of the Nana-Nana PVC package is unique, the size of the A4, A5, and the transparent fluorescent bags like neon lights are all it. The biggest feature, and the price is more approachable.


▲ Package A4 9 12,960 (about NT $ 3,706), A5 bag ¥ 7,560 (about NT $ 2,162), B6 ​​pack ¥ 8,424 (about NT $ 2,409). (Photo / retrieved from ig@nanananaofficial)


▲ There are also launch of backpacks 推 21,600 (about NT $ 6,177) and Body Bag ¥ 25,920 (about NT $ 7, 412). (Photo / retrieved from ig@nanananaofficial)

The reason why the PVC package is so loved by everyone is in addition to the very versatile characteristics, no matter what style can be controlled, it can also inject a high -level texture into the wear, and because of the sense It is also very important. It can not only add points to the overall shape, but also inadvertently show their taste.

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