One table of six chairs of 50 yuan, microwave oven 20 yuan … These items starting the price is very low, but pay attention to

The coffee table that starts from 10 yuan,

Microwave oven at 20 yuan,

Broker at 50 yuan starting price,

Battle of 50 yuan from the price of the price …

On July 17, a reporter from Hyundai Express learned that the People’s Court of Qinhuai District of Nanjing will auction a batch of second -hand items on July 20, and the starting price will be cheap.

△ Screenshot of the auction page

Modern Express reporters noticed that one of them was a set of six chairs, with a starting price of 50 yuan and a deposit of 10 yuan.

As of 2 pm on July 17, 2020, 9 people have signed up, 44 people have set up reminders, and 1043 were onlookers.

This group of lots are stored in No. 39 Kexiang, Qinhuai District, Nanjing. After the auction transactions, the court was delivered on the spot. At the same time, the court does not bear the responsibility of defect guarantee.

In addition to large furniture, many second -hand appliances are also auction.

For example, the second -hand beauty microwave oven, the starting price is 20 yuan; the second -hand heater, the starting price is 20 yuan; the second -hand long rainbow TV, the starting price is 30 yuan; the second -hand hanging clock, the starting price is 10 yuan.


Why is the starting price so cheap? Relevant staff of the Qinhuai Court Executive Bureau told reporters that according to the provincial high courts, items below 1,000 yuan can be shot from 1 yuan, and the collegial panel can also support the price of the lot.

Modern Express reporters noticed that as of 2 pm on July 17, 2020, many of them have signed up for participation under most of the lots.

However, several important tips on the auction page still need to pay attention:

First of all, after the transaction of the judicial network, if the buyer regrets, the deposit it pays will not be refunded.

Secondly, if the price of the re -auction is lower than the original auction price, the difference and cost loss caused by the original buyer shall be borne by the original buyer.

Finally, the people’s courts can be criminally liable for the criminal liability for the people’s courts who are a buyer who maliciously lift the price in the judicial network and disrupt the order of judicial auction in the judicial auction order.

Source: Modern Express+/ZAKER Nanjing

Reporter: Deng Wenting

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