ECCO, Clark, RockPort, Cole Haan, four good shoes, Amazon’s mid -year sweeping strategy

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Creative position statement:

Amazon’s overseas purchase is good for good shoes, and real purchase experience sharing.

The more the Internet passes through the comfortable solid, the softwood bottom. After I passed through it, I found that the comfort is actually not as good as the modern rubber bottom, but because of the excellent process, Gudy’s shoes still have obvious advantages in appearance and workmanship. The tripod on the desk will be very confident. However, in terms of comfort, it can be said that it cannot be compared with the modern leather shoes with the bottom of the EVA foam+the Osora insole, so some fame is actually difficult, and you still have to experience it yourself.

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

When it comes to comfortable and cost -effective “gentry shoes”, with my personal “蚣 experience”, it is ECCO, Clark, RockPor, and Cole Haan’s “Four Heavenly Kings”.


The shoes are relatively conservative in appearance. The PU soles are wear -resistant and wear -resistant.


The type of shoes is actually similar to Ai step. Because it is a British brand, it is more traditional in appearance, but the comfort of the shoes is very high, with 180 years of shoe -making history.


, Chinese translated as Le Bu, known as the “leather shoes” that can run a marathon. This is relatively common in China, but it is also a relatively famous casual brand. And Lobu was once an Adidas, and the movement was very good …

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Cole haan

Chicago, which was founded in 1928, has a more beautiful appearance and relatively younger shape. It is more young, and the color is richer. Similar to Le Bu, Cole Haan has been acquired by Nike, and the leather shoes produced even built into the AIR cushion.

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Overseas buying small steps:

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

The shoe code is a big problem for sea purchase. Based on her own experience, the younger brother summarizes one or two according to his own experience. My feet are 25cm length, narrow width, and overseas buying shoes. Basic, US code is reduced by 1 is UK code, such as US7 = UK6. Here are some experiences I have worn for reference.


Leather Shoes Code 40 = Domestic 40 Leather Shoes

Boot us 7.5m = domestic 41 leather shoes

US 7M = domestic 39 leather shoes


US 7 2e = 40 leather shoe code, US8 3E = domestic 42 leather shoes code

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Cole haan:

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

US 7 d = 39 leather shoe code = 40 sneakers code, and narrow; US 7.5 d = 40 leather shoe code

Width problem:

Haitao’s leather shoes generally have two models in the same length, one is D, the other is W, W is wide. Personally feel more comfortable to wear. If the D model is thinner, the shoes are good -looking. Start. Domestic counters, according to my investigation, for example, it is basically W, if you tried the shoe code at the domestic counter, you need to pay attention to the width of the shoe code when buying overseas. Essence

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

the way of buying:

The most convenient, fastest, is probably Amazon’s overseas purchase. The full Chinese page, no international credit card payment, no need to transfer, fast logistics, and after -sales service. During the event, there is no threshold exemption! This is really the first choice for shopping in the world for shoes with relatively low unit price and relatively large weight!

Amazon Overseas Purchase

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Take a look

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Shoes recommendation:

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

ECCO love step

The characteristics of love steps are characterized by the design of completely comfortable orientation. Even positive shoes will use the design of “round” and “square”, which is a bit of high comfort and not squeezing toes; the disadvantage is a bit “dumb cute cute “, The shoe type is not long enough.

The high -density PU’s sole of love is definitely the reason for many candidates to choose love. The elasticity of double flexible soles makes you easier to walk. Unique PU characteristics, supernishing resistance, the more softer wearing. Xiaohong Dot Technology is also an element that everyone likes. In fact, I want to say that it is not important if it is not important.

ECCO Men’s Lisbon Brok Derby shoes

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

The minimum is only 596 yuan, and the PRIME member can be free of charge, which is much more affordable than the price of domestic counters.

The classic all -Brock pattern, 100%leather upper, with demolished leather surface insoles, with an ECFS system, can increase air circulation and maintain comfortable internal temperature in the shoe.

Under the current national conditions of China, dark Brock Derby shoes can cope with all formal occasions. It is very suitable with suit and dark jeans.

If the Brock’s pattern is not stable enough, you can also choose a plain model

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

The price is 472.36 yuan, which is more cost -effective than Brock.

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

ECCO Auci Men’s Helsinki Piece Leafer Shoes

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

One -footed loaf shoes are easy to wear and take off, which is more casual than lace -up shoes. There are no problems with daily business occasions and commuting.

In summer, a dark POLO, paired with khaki pants and brown loafers, can be said to get a bar in the hall, comfortable and product.

Leisure Sports Series

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

ECCO IRVING leisure leisure shoes

This is an Irving Irving series. The upper uses the head layer of cowhide upper. The fashion cutout small hole design is light and light.

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Classic low -top lace design, uses replaceable leather insoles, directly injection molding single -layer PU soles, comfortable and soft, the overall is very light, very comfortable to wear, outstanding wear resistance, suitable for daily leisure wear.

Ecco Herren Cool 2 casual shoes

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

The full -grain leather upper and the inside of the textile with high breathability to ensure that the shoes are breathable, and the feet are dry and cool. Special GORE-TEX SURROUND waterproof structure and midsole air channel can have a comprehensive breathable capacity of 360 degrees while ensuring waterproof.

The sharp -fitting professional suit with leather sports shoes brings a little comfort and closeness to the serious business dress.

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

BIOM professional sports shoes

ECCO is different from the other three brands. In addition to the maintenance shoes and casual shoes, there are also very professional BIOM series top professional sports shoes. It uses a luxurious full yak leather, which has both texture, lightweight and breathable effects. Natural Motion “Natural Rhythm” technology and the conquest limit of conquest and passion from the supernifier material. By the way, the sports shoes of Aikou are adapted with full -footed type, which can be worn in the inside or outward feet.

ECCO love step Biom fjuel men’s running shoes

The advantages are naturally very comfortable! Very comfortable! Very comfortable! And mature and low -key, easy to match pants. And the whole yak leather material does not boring. The shoes are wrapped on the outsole of the heel, and the stability is very good. Lazy kicking, don’t worry about deformation at the heel.

The new Biom Aex Luxe Hydromax also has a waterproof function and has a better appearance. Using ECCO Hydromax to deal with hydrophobic and breathable, soft and light ECCO Phorene midsole aims to provide a full -day comfortable dressing and energy feedback for each step. The dwarf makes you closer to the ground to obtain stability.

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

ECCO Men’s Office Multi -Functional Outdoor Sports Sandals

The lowest price is only 399, and the shoes are very comfortable. That kind of comfort is that once you change other shoes, you will feel comfortable immediately. There is no problem even if we wear it for a week. And the sandals, the soles of love, the soles are said to not degrade, and the life span is very guaranteed.


Clarks its brand is believed to be familiar with the vast number of friends. What is worth buying is also recommended and recommended. Although it is a British brand, it is different from other brands of British gentleman shoes that are serious and serious. His home is playing casual skin. Although Clarks also has a formal men’s shoes. In fact, it is just Derbi shoes. Positive shoes in the sense. Clarks has also produced a serious Getey Oxford shoes, but it is really rare. Therefore, I personally recommend all the formal business shoes of Clarks, and push a few pairs of comfortable shoes.

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

The Clarks casual series has always been wide and flat, and it is very comfortable to look at. Among several casual shoes brands abroad, the width of the shoes is one of the two, and there is a feeling of a bear’s paw. Uh … a bit wrong, the back of a big bear, why is it an early ads in my memory?

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

My favorite is the UN Youyue series technology series, which is born for lightweight and comfort:

1. Super soft: exquisite and soft sheepskin inside

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

2. Ultra -light: ultra -light EPR and rubber film sole

3. Super flexible: The specially designed grooves on the soles are very flexible and easy to bend

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

4. Super breathable: Clarks’s unique air circulation system

Clarks Un series ALDRIC PARK Derby Shoes

It is too dull to choose black in summer. I feel brown. It is suitable to match all kinds of light pants.

Clarks Un Ramble Lace men’s casual leather shoes

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

The upper is preferred by leather leather materials, the gloss is soft, soft and comfortable, the classic line style, daily easy to wear, adopts Clarks’s UNSTRUCTURED® technology, combined with the unique breathable holes design, forming the unique air circulation system (ACS) of Clarks (ACS) , Make the air in the shoe naturally circulate, and wearing it for a long time will not fatigue or produce odor. Cortical socks are paired with Ortholite® hygroscopic antibacterial shock absorption insoles. The cushioning effect is excellent and the top is comfortable.

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

UN not only has a formal dress series, but also has a leisure series:

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Clarks men

There are a variety of color schemes, and there is a large choice. There is always one for you.

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Its fun shoes, with a Walk suffix, indicated that these shoes are comfortable, non -slip and wear -resistant, suitable for long -distance walking, which is also a classic series of joy.

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Clarks Tilden Walk men’s lace leather shoes

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Stroke and elastic cloth design can also be paved, comfortable and convenient.

Clarks Ronnie Walk Derby Shoes

Simple round head, leather upper, simple lace, old style, handsome and versatile.


Locked RockPort, founded in 1971, is based on the concept of Walkability comfortable walking, and cleverly applied sports technology to the design of formal dress and casual shoes, making it more fashionable and easier to wear. In the early years of RockPort, a very famous advertisement was made by two president Carter and old Bush- “Although they have different political opinions, they all choose Rockport.” So there is an elegant name for “White House shoes” in the United States. Because the leather shoes are comfortable enough, I use many Adi’s sports shoes technology in leather shoes (once Adi owned by Adi), so it is also called “the leather shoes that can run the marathon”.

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Locked shoes, functional positioning is similar to ECCO. In terms of product quality, I think there is no need to be worse than the ECCO, but the price is lower than the ECCO, and the size and width are much better than the ECCO (ECCO is very good Less wide and wider shoes are basically European and American shoes).

Rockport Eureka casual hiking shoes

The most classic Lobe leather walking shoes use lace -up upper and cushion tongue and collar. The latex foam insole provides excellent buffer capacity, and the mesh lining has excellent moisture absorption and sweat capability

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

EVA midsole provides flexibility and light shock absorption. The rubber outsole is durable.

Rockport Margin Derby Shoes

This is a pair of shoes that are very suitable for work and commute. The upper is simple and stable enough to hold most business occasions.

Thickened collar and tongue can help prevent blisters and skin skin abrasions. EVA midsole is fitted with foot shape and bipotinular outsole, which provides a long -lasting shock absorption effect and helps to relieve foot fatigue.

RockPort Malcom men’s lace -up Boles shoes

Malcom loafers are very distinctive, using lace design, which greatly enhances the adaptability of the shoes to the foot shape

In the summer, wearing or flower socks, pair of linen pants or shorts, it looks good.

Cole haan (Khan)

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Ke Khan’s popularity in China is very general. In contrast to the above three, the gap is too large, but many people may have some impression when it comes to the leather shoes with Nike soles. Khan’s shoes, leaving me the deepest impact is to sew the leather shoe body on the soles of the shoes.

Such a mixed design style creates a unique design style of Khan. It is especially suitable for those who are pursuing comfort like this, but they also feel that running shoes are too “unfair”, Khan’s carved sports leather shoes, design youthful fashion, has a very different style from the above three. Wear on top.

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Cole Haan Zerogrand Wing Oxford Shoes

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

This is the most representative style of Khan, Brock carved, single -layer punching upper, very breathable, very suitable for summer wear.

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

It looks very good to wear in summer (here I borrow pictures of the Ilovekingki big guy, because some of my models are wool and high boots, which is not suitable for summer)

The sole is very similar to Nike’s Free, which is very comfortable to wear.

In addition to leisure pants and jeans, shorts are also very beautiful.

Cole Haan OriginalGrand Cloudfeel Energy One Capox Oxford Shoes

If you feel too fancy above, there are also “Zhenger Eight Classics” three -connected Oxford model

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

If you use the “free” bottom above, I feel that I use the “Luna” sole of N. The soles are comfortable to the naked eye. There is a “unruly” heart hidden under the black Oxford leather upper. This design is really my heart.

Of course, Khan also has very formal shoes, which is still as comfortable:


ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Cole haan’s Williams Cap toe men’s Oxford leather shoes

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

Although the price is only more than 600, the tip of the shoe is the same as a few K shoes, with a very stylish head.

I started with Meng Ke’s shoes in his house and felt very good.

The shape is accurate and the leather is excellent.


There are probably so much. The most important thing to buy shoes is to buy happiness. Regardless of how many empty and credit card bills are there in his cabinet …

ECCO、Clark、Rockport 、Cole Haan四大好鞋,亚马逊年中扫货攻略

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