Good -looking and warm winter shoes, don’t miss it, winter is warm!

Qingwantian flagship store


The design of the round head is better tolerant of the feet; the toe is specially designed as the effect of waxing and coloring, three points serious, seven -point soft, with faint literary style; two shoelaces, waxed shoes, wax shoes Gentleman’s handsome, silk shoelaces, exuding a soft temperament. Price: 318 — 348

This shoe version is very thin, tough and stylish; the soles have been thickened, and the hardness is aggravated; 3.7cm high, the overall implementation of handsomeness; putting it on it is a cool girl. Price: 378

This short boot is made of flying woven fabric. The boots are more stretched and can adapt to the foot type well. The upper is spliced ​​with different materials, which is very designed. Price: 418

This bean shoes are very sweet to look at; sheepskin is very warm; the back heels are raised, with clear hexagonal texture, it is not easy to bring the water, which is conducive to drainage and it is not easy to stain the pants. Price: 378 — 398


Snow boots can also be very fashionable. The design of this snow boot button breaks the conventional style and is more fashionable. The boots are integrated in sheepskin and wool, which is very warm. Price: 458


This Martin boot uses the head layer of cowhide bright skin, waxing, and wipes color with retro irregularities; porous retro metal buckles, metal zipper on the inside, very intimate design; 4cm small medium heel, comfortable and not tired. Price: 448


A short boot of the college style, the contrasting shoelaces, with a trace of youthful vitality; the design of the small and middle heel, comfortable and not tired; handsome and fashionable. Price: 408


This sneakers, the upper uses different materials for stitching; the design of the reflective strip is added, which is very colorful; the small thick bottom of the 3cm waterproof can cope with the emergencies. Price: 338

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