British style small leather shoes are retro and fashionable.

The retro tide strikes, and the British -style small leather shoes have once again become the favor of many little fairies! Because it always gives people a sense of fashion and is not simple visual, and there is a very unique retro feeling! Easy to improve the overall look!


In this issue, I will share with you a few British -style small leather shoes, whether it is cigarette pipe pants, suit pants, or even jeans, wide -leg pants, all live! Comfortable and versatile and fashionable!


The classic square head design has always been the classic style of British style small leather shoes! This gives a lot of tolerance space in the shoes, and it is easy to solve the problem of squeezing.

In particular, this classic non -picking square shoes type has improved the retro feelings of small leather shoes and builds a simple and generous British style!

The response of the addition of the metal buckle has set off a very advanced tone, which solves a single limitations and injects a strong retro feeling. The soft touch material can easily feel the comfortable and unrestrained dress! The high -heeled shoe shape is obvious, wearing a modern lens!


Wearing a chiffon shirt with age -reducing concave, there is a French style, which is suitable for work. Black straight trousers are matched with the bags of the combined chain, which can make your travel more charming!

This pair of British -style small leather shoes, well -behaved round head shapes, not only super comfortable, but also specially showing small feet! You can also place enough space for your feet!

The fashion lace highlights the simplicity of leisure, and the adjustment is very tight! Solid car stitching makes the shoes firm and more durable. There is also wear -resistant rubber bottom, super soft, not tired for a whole day! Take every step at ease and attend various occasions!

Simple solid color tone has two different colors to choose from, giant versatile! Let you match it! This pair of British -style small leather shoes adopts the design of the head layer of pork skin. It has a comfortable and natural touch. With the embellishment of the lace, it has the effect of leisure and age reduction!


Carry with casual charm again! The upper has the design of breathable holes, so it will not feel sultry at all! The thick -heeled version can add elegant and handsome charm, and at the same time steady footsteps to avoid lame!

Red and low -key black with light luxury as the main color selection, plus the classic round slope and style production, can easily create a full elegant retro atmosphere.


The round head and thick sloping heel design has the aesthetics of geometric lines. Different colors of black and red to convert different temperament styles. Classic closed loafers, low -key and elegant retro literature and art!


The upper is made of the head layer of cowhide, and the fiber tissue of the cowhide is more loose two layer parts. Its leather is thick and smooth, and it is not easy to produce folds. It can be worn for a long time. With a smooth appearance, the touch is delicate and soft.

Smooth -deep upper design lines are smooth, full of geometric beauty. The design of metal shoe buckles is quite retro luxurious. Comfortable 2.5cm after heel, soft back gang, no longer have to worry about grinding! Shopping travel easily!

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