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Part 1: Spicy Lochi Seafood Big Coffee

Spicy -flavored seafood coffee needs to adjust two kinds of brine, one is spicy brine, and one is a secret marinade. When making seafood coffee, two kinds of brine are required to be used.

1. The production process of spicy brine is roughly divided into four parts:

Step 1: Make a base material

Step 2: Boil spicy brine

Step 3: Seasoning

1.1 Making spicy brine base material (take 80 pounds of water as an example)

1.1.1 Spicy brine bottoming formula (take 80 pounds of water as an example)

800 grams of dried pepper segments, 230 grams of green pepper pepper, 230 grams of red peppercorns, 10 grams of fragrant leaves, 10 grams of cinnamon, 2 cards of Luo Han Guo, 8 grams of cardamom, 50 grams of octagonal, the above raw materials are installed in the same container, known as it is called Mixture A.

Three or five brands of hot pot bottom: 2 packs, 300 grams (1 pack of 150 grams)


Dan Dan (Cuckoo City) Douban Sauce: 1250 grams, use red oil Douban

250 grams of green onions and ginger, 5 catties of rapeseed oil, 3 catties of 3 pounds of coloring oil

1.1.2 Spicy brine base production process

1. Heat the rapeseed oil to 160 °, fry the onion ginger until golden, remove, and remove the temperature of about 110 °.

2. Rapeseed oil temperature rises to 150 °, add color pull oil, stir to make the oil temperature evenly, and then add the bean paste to 160 °. After adding the bean sauce, the temperature is kept frying between 110 ° and 120 °, fry until the water of the Douban sauce is dry, form a granular shape, and turn it off (no fire, the sauce will be burnt).

3. Then add the bottom material of the hot pot (about 110 °), stir with a spoon, and wait for the hot pot to get rid of it.

4. Put in a mixture A, turn on low heat, stir well, stir fry for 2-3 minutes until fry, fry the stove, and cool it with a spoon, that is, it becomes a spicy brine base material.

5. Save the brine bottom into the dedicated container. The container is stored for a long time after a long time without cleaning.

1.2 Boil the spicy brine (take 40 catties of brine as an example)


1. Boil the water, add 10 spoons of the bottom material after boiling (medium chef spoon, a spoon of 200 grams of water, and then the amount of raw materials will be measured at the spoon unit.

2. Season after burning brine. Add the appropriate amount of pepper after seasoning, cook for half an hour on low heat, and become spicy brine

1.3 Seasoning (take 40 catties of brine as an example)

400 grams of sugar, 55 grams of salt, 150 grams of fuel consumption, 500 grams of spicy balm, 400 grams of flower armor, 4.5 spoons of monosodium glutamate, 4.5 spoons of chicken essence, finally put in chili essence (less than half a spoon) Other seasonings first, cook for half an hour, add MSG chicken essence before turning off the fire, and stir well. You can increase MSG chicken essence and chili essence according to the local and personal taste)

2. The process of making the secret marinade

1. 6 spoons of salad oil into the pan, the oil temperature is burned between 180 ° and 200 °, add 1 square spoon of Douban sauce, and stir well (after the soy sauce of Douban, adjust the heat)

2. After stirring, add half a bottle of peach blossom brand chili sauce (130 grams) (from 110 degrees to 120 ° from oil temperature), and fry the bean paste and chili sauce until the water is dry water

3. Add the pepper section 2 to stir -fry (the oil temperature is 105 °, the frying for about 1 minute)

4, put a piece of onion, one ginger, the garlic is full of 1 spoon, and the incense.

5. Add 1 spoon consumption (see the video), 2 spoons of steamed fish soy sauce, stir for about 1 minute

6. Add 15-16 pounds of water, add 1.5 spoons of MSG, 2 spoons of chicken essence, 0.5 spoons of sugar, and 1 spoon of the secret flower armor, boil.

3. Seafood coffee spicy flavor sauce is made (see the video of the videos spicy seafood big coffee pouring juice production):

1. Add a moderate amount of spicy brine juice (2 pounds) to the pot, a moderate amount of the secret brine juice (2 pounds), (1: 1 ratio, if you like spicy, add 1 spoon of water, if you do not like spicy, add 2 spoons of water) to boil) to boil) open

2. Season with MSG, chicken essence, sugar, etc. according to the local taste

3. Add a small spoon of meat incense king and burn it open

4. Before the pan, Gato pepper oil (麻 子 子) (麻 子 4) is appropriate (different adjustment according to the taste of the hemp)

5. Add a small spoon of meat incense before the pan,

6. After cooking the seafood with the juice, sprinkle some spicy brine or the red oil on the sauce or the secret marinade, add fragrance or spicy.

Part 2: Garlic Slood Seafood Big Coffee

2.1 Garlic fragrance seafood big coffee raw material preparation

1. Garlic flavor seafood coffee, sand ginger powder (garlic powder) ratio:

Sand ginger powder: the proportion of five fragrance powder is 2: 1

(Sand ginger powder and five fragrant powder are selected from De Shengxing Fire Card)

2. Garlic mud and garlic:

Garlic puree: without water garlic with garlic machine to make garlic,

Garlic: Add garlic machine with garlic machine to make garlic (cover the garlic immediately).

3. Sauce peppers (can be made of sauce pepper rice dumplings, flower armor and other items, and also the raw material for garlic flavor seafood coffee):

Mixing Mixture of Pepper Pepper: Mixing green pepper and millet pepper 2: 1 (2 packs of 1kg, paste in green pepper+1 bag of 1kg of millet pepper+appropriate amount of garlic mud), and then put the appropriate amount of garlic, and green pepper soup, make a bronze -like shape After all, use a filter spoon to filter out the water, that is, it becomes a mixture of sauce and pepper. , Finally poured together), as shown below:

The production process of sauce and pepper (refer to video):

1, 2 spoons of coloring oil in the pot, 2 spoon of soybean oil, mix, burn to 150 °

2. Put the garlic mud for half a spoonful of fragrant incense (about 30 seconds)

3. Mixture of sauce pepper (2 packs of green peppers+1 pack of millet pepper+appropriate amount of garlic mud).

4. Mix the chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, and sugar each half a spoon (less than half a spoon, see the video), cook the taste, stir -fry and turn off the fire, that is, the finished product of sauce pepper, as shown below:

2.2 Garlic fragrance seafood big coffee juice production (see video garlic flavor seafood big coffee pouring juice production)

1. 1 spoon of color oil oil, 2 spoons of soybean oil, burn to about 150 °

2. 2 spoons of garlic mud, the fire is smaller at the time (after the garlic is placed, the oil temperature is about 80 °), and the fragrant incense

3. Add 1 spoon to the side of the fuel, 0.5 spoons of steamed fish soy sauce, stir and cook (about 10s)

4. Add 10 spoons of water and boil the fire (if the taste is light, you can add 12 spoons of water)

5. Add 1 spoon of garlic powder, 0.5 spoons of sauce, 1 spoon of garlic, 0.5 spoons of Thai chicken sauce, half a spoon of chicken essence, half a spoon of monosodium glutamate, half a spoon of sugar, boil open, boil open

6. After boiling, use chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, sugar and other flavor according to the local taste, that is, the juice of garlic fragrance seafood coffee. Essence ,As shown below:

Other other dishes in the third part

1. Seafood fried rice (full process of video records)

Method seafood sauce method: 1 bottle of spicy sauce of Tianshi+Li Jinji Seafood Sauce, stir -fry and add a little fuel consumption (oil consumption, see video) into a secret seafood sauce.

See Video of Seafood Fried Rice Production Process

2. Japanese potato puree:

The first step, the potato puree system: peel the potatoes, slices, then steamed or cooked, and use a spatula to push into potato puree (see the video), put the extended potato puree in the tray and spread it out thoroughly Cold and dry, dry into particles, as shown below:

(The picture indicates that the time is not completely dry due to time)

In the second step, egg treatment: about 10 catties of potatoes with two cooked eggs and protein cut into the end. As shown below, the egg yolk is crushed and kneaded in the potato puree like noodles.

In the third step, the carrot is cut into a small amount into a broken end.

The fourth step is to add cotton sugar and knead evenly (2 kg of dried potatoes and 250 grams of cotton sugar)

The fifth step is to add the Chibi salad sauce and knead evenly (red bags, 2 kilograms to dry the potatoes and add 500 grams), that is, it becomes potato puree.

Step 6, Japanese -style potato mud products: see the video.

3. Soy sauce hopes

Secret soy sauce juice recipe: 973 grams of steamed fish soy sauce, 300 grams of vinegar, 270 grams of sugar, 17 grams of chicken essence, 30 grams of monosodium glutamate, and 247 grams of beauty. Mix and adjust uniformly

Method: After looking at the water, remove it, remove it, immediately cool down the ice water, and pour the secret soy sauce after ice.

4. Small spicy tide (Explanation: If other seafood is made of small spicy, use the spicy brine of seafood coffee to be made)

Small spicy juice: 900 grams of raw soy sauce, a bottle of white vinegar in Shanghai, 17 grams of chicken essence, 17 grams of salt, 30 grams of MSG, 329 grams of sugar, stir after mixing and stir well. When used, put in the foam with garlic and fresh millet pepper.

Little spicy red oil: After frying the whole dried chili pepper, add an appropriate amount of crispy peanut rice to grind it into powder, add an appropriate amount of sesame seeds, and then heat it with oil, that is, it becomes a small spicy red oil

Small spicy tide method: After the tide is cooked, remove it, and immediately cool down the ice water. After the ice, pour the appropriate amount of small spicy juice and small spicy red oil.

5. Thousands of tenderness in the rivers and lakes

Method: a few drops of soybean oil, add a few grains of garlic puree, then add 2 spoons of water to heat, add 250 grams of slices, 2 slices of salty pork belly (boiled with boiling water in advance, remove salty flavor), put a few slices in a few slices Vegetarian leaves, add 30 grams of Sanhua’s fat (coffee companion), appropriate amount of green onion, seasoning: MSG 1 seasoning spoon, chicken essence 5 seasoning spoon, white sugar 0.5 seasoning spoon.

Note: Send a thousand sheets and send it with alkali

6. Onion seafood (mule, flower armor, etc.)

Secrets onion sauce recipe: 500 grams of steamed fish soy sauce, 150 grams of Jiale spicy fresh dew, 200 grams of raw soy sauce, 1,000 grams of boiling water, 80 grams of fresh beauty, 50 grams of oyster sauce, 100 grams of sugar, 40 grams of fresh flavor treasure 40 grams Essence Mix, blend well, put in an appropriate amount of shot garlic, put it in the pot and boil, add a pair of coriander to the pan, it can be stored for a long time

Method of the onion: Simp into the seafood with water, pour the appropriate amount of green onion sauce on the seafood, put on the onion, and then heat the oil to the seafood.

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