Make skin hydration easier, Maru Biyang chamomile Shu Runhuan face mask

When it comes to chamomile, everyone knows that it is the gospel of crispy muscles. The reason why it has an excellent repair effect is mainly because it contains the ingredients such as the special mother chrysanthemum and the red without medicine, but the skin care time is short and the nutrition is not as good as nutritional. Absorption is the two major problems that many mask enthusiasts generally responded, and the pills Biyang chamomile Shurunhuanhuan mask uses flower water instead of pure water to easily solve everyone’s troubles and make skin care effects better.


Pills Biyang chamomile Shurunhuanhuan mask is selected from Roman chamomile water, and the ancient method distillation extraction technology makes the ingredients more milder. Especially containing nicotinamide, it is a water -soluble substance with solution stability and light stability.


Because its molecular weight is small, it can quickly penetrate into the depths of our skin through the stratum corneum, block pigment transmission and accelerate metabolism.

In addition to the essence of good masks, membrane cloth is also important. If the membrane cloth is not good, no matter how good the essence is, it will not be absorbed by the skin, and it will even endanger the skin. The membrane cloth of Maru Biyang Gammomi Shu Runhuanhuan facial mask selected mesh sky silk. This film cloth editor summarized it


Big feature:



, Clear and invisible


, High with skin stickers


, Good water absorption


, Easy trial


,plant fibres

, Little damage. With so many advantages, the skin of the film is on the face, and the mask is really a kind of enjoyment.

As a domestic beauty skin care brand, Marubi has always made new styles in the field of beauty skin care with scientific research and development products and good reputation. Maru Biyang Chamomile Shu Runhuan Mask Mask


Selected plant sky fiber

It contains French chamomile essence, cumulative grass, plush flowers and other plants

Repair from the inside out

Suitable for any skin.

With the changes in environmental weather in modern society, there are more and more problems caused by the lack of water in the skin. Marubi broke through the pills Biyang chamomile and moisturizing face mask, which is difficult to create the problem of breaking the skin’s water shortage, so that the skin will always clear the water and restore healthy health. Girl muscle.


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