The ninth generation “Golf GTI” has appeared! 2.0T+9AT+240 horsepower, the price may start at 225,000

I believe everyone is familiar with Volkswagen Golf. It is a hatchback with good performance in China.

And Volkswagen Golf was born in 1974 and belongs to a small home car. At present, Volkswagen Golf has developed to the eighth generation. Golf is also the most produced by Volkswagen. One of the world’s most successful models,

Volkswagen Golf has nearly 30 million users, which shows the strength of golf.

Volkswagen golf is very high, and it is also the classic design style of the Volkswagen family

And Volkswagen Golf can better reflect control and motivation, and Volkswagen Golf GTI is like a golf performance version. The power performance is better than ordinary golf, and the development of golf GTI is relatively late.

The first domestic golf GTI was born in Guangzhou in 2010.

As a truly high -performance sports hatchback in the true sense,

FAW-Volkswagen Golf GTI has a powerful power system. Golf GTI has a racing chassis, which is about 10cm lower than the ordinary version golf chassis. Golf GTI has a strong sense of power and control. It is also the favorite of many young people.

At present, the new generation of golf GTI has been unveiled overseas,

In terms of the design of the new car, the popular family design language is still adopted, but the body design is younger and fashionable. It also has the latest style of fine configuration, such as more sporty air grille design, and a sports -full body surround.


And the new car is equipped with the latest headlight group design style.

At the same time, the new golf GTI is also equipped with 18 -inch aluminum alloy wheels,

The side line of the body adopts a straight design style, and the rear of the car is equipped with a bilateral cannon -type single exhaust holes design and the latest rear spoiler, which improves the sense of sports and fashion.

The body size is almost the same as the current model,


In terms of interior, the new golf GTI still adopts the popular traditional design style

, But the golf GTI has a sense of technology, and adopts the current mainstream center console design style.

For example, 10.25 -inch full LCD dashboard and 10 -inch suspended central control display,

It is also equipped with a three -frame multi -functional steering wheel. The design of the center console is tilted to the main driver, which is more convenient for drivers to operate. A large number of physical buttons are canceled.

And equipped with the latest style multimedia audio system, which improves the sense of technology and luxury in the car.

In terms of power, according to foreign media,

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI will be equipped with the latest model 2.0T high -power turbocharged engine, matched with the new 9AT gearbox

The maximum horsepower is 240PS and the maximum torque is 360N · m. This set of power systems performed very well, which is stronger than the same level engine. From this we can see the strength and price of the new golf GTI.


New golf GTI or 225,000 sold

I believe this price will also bring a lot of temptation.


The ninth generation “Golf GTI” has appeared! 2.0T+9AT+240 horsepower, the price may start at 225,000

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