I made a fish tank with a wooden shoe cabinet to set up feng shui. Put the shoes under the fish raising, and the life was fulfilled!

There are many people who raise fish now. Since fish farming must buy a fish tank, the fish tank is not only a fish farming but also a decoration of the home, but if the fish tank is placed on the desktop, it will take up space. Hidden dangers, there are all kinds of wall -mounted fish tanks, embedded fish tank shoe cabinet integrated fish tanks, and so on on the market. Let’s take a look!


Fish tanks common in daily life are

Ordinary glass fish tank


, The most common, but not durable, low transparency;

Acrylic glass fish tank

, Light weight, high transparency, but easy to scrape;

Floating Method glass fish tank


, Not fragile, good thermal insulation, but high price;

Tempered glass fish tank


, High stability, strong pressure resistance;

Crystal glass fish tank


, Glass is crystal clear, but fragile;

Ultra -white glass fish tank

, High light transmission, not easy to break, and more suitable for wall -type fish tanks.

There are many ways to implement the fish tank in the family. Most people choose smaller ordinary glass fish tanks and place them directly on the table, so that it is convenient for feeding and cleaning. The wall -mounted and embedded types are also selected in home improvement, but the embedded fish tanks used in the family also have different forms.


There is a kind of space on the wall according to the size form of the fish tank, and then put the fish tank in. If the fish tank is active and the size is not large, it is quite convenient to clean it, but if it is embedded, it will not move anymore after being embedded. If, the filter system must be perfect.

There is also a shoe cabinet fish tank. It is usually placed in the porch. As a multi -functional fish tank wall, it is also an embedded fish tank. This fish tank is relatively easy to achieve in the family, and the decoration and practical coexistence, and the correct layout on feng shui is conducive to family wealth.


Or a horizontal embedded, embedded the fish tank into the coffee table. This is both a fish tank and a coffee table and will not take up too much space. It also has certain ornamental.

All in all, the choice of fish tanks is still based on the layout of the home. Choosing the right way can make the fish tank reflect its value. If there is not much time to take care of it, the filtering system must be done well.

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