It is another year for spring farming to help rural revitalization

It was another spring farming. From late March to early April, the hard -working and enthusiastic Zhongning people ushered in a new round of wolfberry sowing period. In the beginning of the “14th Five -Year Plan”, Zhongning County promoted the development of the wolfberry industry in order to encourage the enthusiasm of local farmers to plant. Since this year, Zhongning County has subsidized a total of 5,000 yuan per acre of farmers who planted wolfberry to implement a three -year land to ensure that farmers, cooperatives, and enterprises have guaranteed their income in the first three years, and the development of the industry has confidence. It is understood that the planting area of ​​wolfberry in Zhongning County is stable at 200,000 acres. The per capita income from the wolfberry industry in the wolfberry industry accounts for more than one -third of the per capita disposable income of farmers. The wolfberry industry is undoubtedly the most distinctive rich industry in Zhongning County.

Since ancient times, Chinese people have regarded wolfberry as the longevity medicine in the cup. Among the complicated wolfberry families, the ancestors preferred Zhongning wolfberry, and the Ming Hongzhi years were regarded as “tribute fruit”. Today, Zhongning wolfberry has changed from the “royal team” to the “national team”, becoming the leader and leading brand of my country’s wolfberry industry. Zhongning wolfberry can achieve such impressive results. In addition to the natural geographical location and cultural inheritance factors, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Zhongning County Government have strongly supported the development of the wolfberry industry. To support scientific and technological innovation and build a boutique brand, the Zhongning County Government can be described as the power of the county to escort Zhongning wolfberry.

Develop a high -quality development strategy

In recent years, the Zhongning County Party Committee and the County Government have always adhered to the road of characterization, branding, and quality. Splender expand the layout of the base, strengthen the quality of the technology, promote processing, promote transformation, expand the market tree brand, and promote the integration of culture, and make every effort to promote the transformation and upgrading of the Chinese wolfberry industry. In 2021, the Zhongning County Government has strengthened its development, firmly grasped the major opportunities to implement the strategy of rural revitalization, and gives full play to the advantages of the core production area of ​​Zhongning wolfberry industry, geographical indication advantages, market distribution advantages, industrial agglomeration advantages, and strengthen standards for strengthening standards. Lead, innovate drive, scientific and technological support, promote the integration and development of the first, secondary and tertiary industries, strive to create a solid pace of high -quality development of the wolfberry industry. At the same time, the county government will also increase policy support this year, refine support measures, and promote the sustainable development of the wolfberry industry with market -oriented and benefit.

Policy support to support enterprise development

The Zhongning County Government has introduced the support policy for the wolfberry industry for many years. Focusing on the construction of the three major systems of wolfberry industry, production, and operation, innovative support methods. The support of the Zhongning County Government focuses on the five major links: basic research, standardization of good varieties, social services, and cultural propaganda. Support methods include policy awards, special support, loan discounts, and financing guarantees. It is understood that in 2020, in the “Promoting the High -quality Development Support Policy of Wolfberry” launched by Zhongning County, there are more than a dozen subsidies, ranging from hundreds of yuan to one million yuan. Sowing, let the enterprise work boldly.

For a long time, with the efforts of the county, Zhongning has cultivated 75 autonomous brands including Ningxia Hong, Hayeng, Qi Bud, Ning’anbao, Xi Zan, with 4 well -known trademarks in China and 12 famous trademarks in Ningxia. At the same time, Zhongning County proposed a plan for the hundreds of cities and thousands of stores, which has established a total of 1,106 Zhongning wolfberry stores and sales counters in cities above the country level, which has increased the transaction volume of wolfberry. In addition to the domestic layout, Zhongning County also settled in Ningxia wolfberry exchanges, wolfberry and series products were exported to more than 40 countries and regions, with more than 3,800 tons of wolfberry annually and $ 32 million in foreign exchange.

Implement brand publicity strategy to protect brand competitiveness

It is understood that the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the Zhongwei Municipal People’s Congress issued the “Promotion Plan for the Promotion of the Legislative Work of the Zhongning Wolfberry Brand in Zhongning Wolfberry Culture” and the “Decision on Inheriting Zhongning Wolfberry Culture Protection in Zhongning Wolfberry Culture”. The high -quality development of wolfberry establishes a protective shield. At the same time, the protection of agricultural products with the help of geographical signs, make full use of international rules to make the development and growth of Zhongning wolfberry and the protection of the natural resources of agricultural agriculture, humanities resources and expanded agricultural products exports, increase the organic combination of farmers’ income, and use the actual situation. The responsibility and responsibility of “Ningxia wolfberry development and Zhongning wolfberry are in front”.

Propaganda and promotion are also one of the important tasks for Zhongning County to promote brand building. The propaganda slogan of “Zhongning Wolfberry A World” is subtlely affected by people’s cognition and memory of Zhongning wolfberry. This year, Zhongning County has strengthened the efforts of publicity and promotion. Through multi -channel, multi -level, and comprehensive publicity methods, people have continuously improved people’s awareness, support, and praise of the Zhongning wolfberry brand. In 2021, the Zhongning County Government will continue to host the “Zhongning Wolfberry Industry Expo” to strive to build it as a “vane” of the national wolfberry health industry to provide a platform for the in -depth development of the wolfberry industry.

Little red fruit, entrusting the dreams of Zhongning people, and the red wolfberry witnessed the efforts and hard work of the Zhongning people. With the guidance and support of the autonomous region and Zhongning County Government, Zhongning wolfberry has entered the pace of high -quality development and strives to build a modern wolfberry chain integrating research and development, planting, processing, marketing, culture, and ecology. Revitalize.

Source: Consumer Daily Network

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