Middle -aged women choose the secret of “down jacket”, starting from these three perspectives, keep warm and fashion

In the early winter, do you have already started to reserve winter clothes like me. Do n’t forget the down jackets. How can the down jacket that keeps warm to the supremacy of the top can be used to make a sense of fashion? Today, I will give you a look at how the down jackets should be selected and some of the small examples. Among them, the selection model is the most important!


1. Select according to length

1. Short down jacket


To pick a down jacket you like, first of all, you must choose your favorite length. Different length of down jackets, the style and matching are very different.

The biggest feature of short down jackets is “short and small”. The short -dressed on the body is completely stress -free, which is very suitable for women who like to reduce age and relax. And the short jacket looks like a soft bread, fluffy and soft, fluttering, and the experience of wearing is simply good.

Next is the medium -length down jacket. The medium and long down jackets will be heavier than shorts. The length is generally above the knee below the hip. It is not particularly friendly for small children.

However, the tall man is easy to match the gas field. It can choose a short and low -length matching method, and the proportion of body material has a sense of layering. And compared to short down jackets, the warmth effect is better, and it brings you a sense of security that cannot be felt.


2. Long down jacket

The length of the long down jacket is generally not over the knee, so the long down jacket deserves to be the main body of our whole set. So it is important to choose a long down jacket.

For 50+ women, the mature version is more suitable for you. Compared with the loose straight version, the waist shape in the picture is more easily outlined by your figure, full of femininity.



2. Pick color

The colors of down jackets are not very rich compared to other jackets. Generally, it may be more suitable for mature women to match. It may be such a gray -black system in the picture.

The gray -black system will be more stable than other colors, and it can highlight the personal temperament. It is also very good at the atmosphere of winter. Most older women will not make mistakes.


In terms of matching, we have two ideas. The first is the combination of smooth colors. Choose the same dark sub -fit to cooperate with down jackets. The overall style is the feeling of killing and high -level.

The second style is to use gray and black to match bright colors, or even girly colors. The main purpose of this color matching is to increase the brightness of wearing and make our overall matching more girly. You can easily reduce age.

Bright down jackets are relatively rare in our matching, but it is not without. A comparison of a dark blue and brick -red match can be clearly seen that dark blue is deeper and elegant, and it has a touch of mystery.


Red is much brisk. Of course, older women choose bright down jackets. Do not have a sense of fluorescence, otherwise it will look very tacky.


Three, matching

The matching of down jackets is actually relatively rich. From the perspective of the bottom, it can generally be divided into two categories: skirts and trousers, and these two items have no pressure when they are paired with short down jackets. The color matching method is simple and generous.


Because down jackets are relatively loose items, when choosing to match, I recommend that everyone uses a width and narrow matching method. These two sets are like this.

The fluffy short down jacket is paired with a personalized skirt, and the medium -long down jacket with tight jeans can also highlight the good figure in winter.


The key element of the long match is the proportion of the figure. Even if we put a sack on the body, the overall matching of the figure is very bright. Therefore, the long down jacket must be paired with a short inner or on the left. The overall effect will be perfect.

Picking down jackets from these three angles, have you inspired you?

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