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Around May and after May, there will be a lot of wild honeysuckle on the mountain. You can smell the unique aroma of honeysuckle. The aroma of honeysuckle is a relatively fresh and comfortable one. The flowering honeysuckle flowers are far from the shock of wild honeysuckle flowers. Seeing the wild honeysuckle blossoming will make you feel the magic of nature;

The color of honeysuckle is yellow and white. These two colors are just two metal colors of gold and silver. Yes, just like the crickets, in addition to strong ornamental, honeysuckle is also a medicinal ingredients. There are many use in Chinese medicine, and honeysuckle can often be seen in daily life, such as: honeysuckle tea, honeysuckle dew, etc.

Golden and silver flowers have the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, evacuating wind heat, reducing fire, and throat throat. In daily life,

If you get angry, you can take a little honeysuckle to make tea, which has a good treatment effect on oral ulcers.

There are children at home. In the summer, you can use tin and silver flower tea to wipe your body.


For mules, there is a treatment and prevention effect,


You can pour a cup of honeysuckle tea in the bath, stir well, wash the whole body, or have a separate ladylike position. Dip the cotton swab dipped in a little honeysuckle tea to apply it on the sister -in -law, which has a good treatment effect;

It is difficult to buy wild honeysuckle on the market, so when there are honeysuckle on the mountain, I went to pick some of the production methods of honeysuckle tea.

The effect of picking buds to be placed is the best. The buds from green to white, the upper part is white, and the lower part is blue.

This kind of bud state is the best. After picking up the honeysuckle, after taking it home, you want to make it to make honeysuckle tea. It is still skillful. It is not necessary to dry it directly. You can learn in a total of 3 steps. Friends you like can try!


【Raw Materials】 Fresh gold and silver flowers;

[Method of honeysuckle tea]

1. Found a large piece of wild gold and silver flowers on the mountain, and I went to pick it in the morning. A large area here is from a distance, like a natural gold and silver flower arch door;


2. Try to pick the buds as much as possible when picking up the gold and silver flowers. The honeysuckle to be placed in the bud to make tea is the best, but it is not easy to pick wild honeysuckle.

3. Select the honeysuckle that picks home. Some old leaves, impurities, or flattelling of the flat and silver flowers in the process of picking are not well thrown away. There are so many afterwards,

Picking selection is the first step for the family to make honeysuckle tea;


4. Steaming the good honeysuckle. The “steaming” honeysuckle has good and bad. The advantage is that it can play a role in killing, and the effect of sterilization. The disadvantage is that the color of the “steamed” honeysuckle will be darker, but it does not affect the medicinal value, and the color of the tea will not be affected;

Don’t have to steam too long,


Steam on the cold water pot, after the water is boiled, open the lid immediately,


You will send cash and silver flowers a little bit, so it is almost the same. The steaming time should not be too long, avoid excessive softness,

Steaming gold and silver flower is the second step for the family to make honeysuckle tea;

5. The steamed honeysuckle is spread on the bamboo cricket, spread out evenly, and dry it under the sun. Generally, it can be completely dried in 1-2 days. Will faster,

The third step is to make honeysuckle tea in the family;


6. It can be recovered after sun exposure. The self -made honeysuckle tea is particularly strong, but the color is a bit dark. After drying, it can be stored in a bag and stored. It can be stored for a long time;


7. Take a little dried honeysuckle in the cup, rush into a little warm water, stir a little, pour it in the first tea, then rinse the hot water.

Summary of the practice of honeysuckle tea:

1. Gold and silver flower tea must be sealed and preserved, or refrigerated, especially the rainy weather to avoid long worms;


2. The homemade honeysuckle can be stored for about a year after drying it;


3. The honeysuckle is cold, and it is not easy to drink on an empty stomach. Children cannot drink too much;


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