Coincidentally use pearl powder to make 7 types of masks with all -round beauty

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Pearl powder, intraternally can regulate endocrine, create a balanced environment in the body, and help sleep and sleep; external application can whiten, adjust the skin color, refreshing and soft, wrinkle and spots, external pearl powder, can solve the problem of noodles and dead skin. Whitening skin can effectively allow the skin to effectively allow The skin is glorious. However, the pearl itself only sets up the guidance, sending nutrients in, and then exporting impurities out of the skin, so the effect of adding other materials for pearl powder will be better! [More about pearl powder, please see here]

Pearl powder whitening mask

Material: pearl powder, moderate water

Production method: Add the pearl powder to the appropriate amount of water and stir to well. Apply it directly on your face and wash it for 20 minutes.

Efficacy: whitening, oil control.

Pearl powder aloe mask

Materials: aloe juice, flour, pearl flour

Production method: Mix the above materials aloe vera juice, flour, and pearl powder into a paste, apply it to the face, then apply the second layer after drying, keep it on the face for about 30 minutes, and wash.

Efficacy: anti -inflammatory and acne. Tighten the skin, promote blood circulation, and prevent skin relaxation.

Pearl powder egg clear mask

Materials: eggs, pearl powder

Production method: Take out the egg white in the egg, add an appropriate amount of pearl powder, adjust it evenly on the face, and wash your face after 15 minutes.

Efficacy: Whitening effect is good, making the skin elastic.

Milk Pearl Powder Mask

Materials: Disasure Milk, Pearl Powder Affairs

Production method: Mix skim milk with pearl powder. Because this proportion is not easy to master, you can adjust it a little bit. After soaking it with a paper film, apply the face for about 20 minutes, and finally wash it with water.

Efficacy: whitening and skinny, this mask is suitable for dry skin.

Honey pearl powder mask

Materials: pearl powder, honey

Production method: Put the pearl powder into a bowl, add honey, stir side by side, mix the honey and pearl powder, and adjust it into a paste. After cleansing, dip the mask evenly on the face. Don’t be too thick, just a thin layer, wash your face after 20 minutes.

Efficacy: whitening and skinny, making the skin shiny.

Cucumber pearl powder mask

Materials: fresh cucumber, pearl powder

Production method: Wash the cucumber into the juicer, filter the juice, add an appropriate amount of pearl powder into a paste, and apply it to the washed face. You can adjust it a little bit, apply the paper film directly to the face, and the time is best controlled in 20 minutes.

Efficacy: whitening, oil control, shrinking pores. This mask is very suitable for people with oily skin.

Pearl powder almond mask

Material: almond oil, egg whites, pearl powder

Production method: Take 2 spoons of almond oil, add 0.15 grams of pearl powder, keep stirring and slowly add 1 egg white to form a sticky shape, apply to the face and neck, and wipe the remaining mask with a towel after 20 minutes.

Efficacy: moisturize the skin, make it smooth and tender.

This product integrates pearl powder masks has the effects of whitening, oil control, and deep cleaning.

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Recommended reason for the editor: This mask is refreshing and good. It can effectively purify and repair damaged skin, soothe nervous and fatigue skin, balance the secretion of oil, and restore the skin to vitality and gloss.

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