The new “bright sword” male is smashing a cigar, a female nurse wears high heel shoes, and the old version is a remarkable tragedy?



I know, now the film and television circle is popular, I didn’t expect the classic work such as “Bright Sword”, I did not escape. Recently, “Liang Jian 3” broadcast, but Li Yunlong took this trick as a prototype, the brightestness is like tide. It is simply a remark of tragedy. Uncomfortable? Listen to the new gold entertainment observers to tell you.

First, the protagonist hair is not yet, the battlefield is broken, the hair style cannot be chaotic

The current anti-war drama, has also slowly become an idol drama. This “bright sword 3”, found a idolist actor like Zhang Yunlong, nature to pay attention to the image. I didn’t say that the image is wrong, but everyone is fighting on the battlefield, but the hairstyle is clean, do you think is reasonable?


You know, the battlefield of that time, washing and revea should be a bottle, the soldiers are shampooed with the water of the mountain spring, and the hair glue is more likely to exist. Compare the old version of the gray face, which is more credible?

Second, female nurse wear short skirts and high heels, still run in battlefield


The female nurses in the bright sword play a lot, the old version, Li Yunlong is with the female nurse. The female nurse is gorgeous, but we can’t take some hearts, skirts and high heels, have the opportunity to play the battlefield?


You look at the nurses in the old version, although the value is also very high, but it is very realistic. New gold entertainment observers advised the director, or not to shoot the anti-war drama in the way I idol drama.

Third, the battlefield can also take a snow to drink coffee, do you believe?

New gold entertainment observers know that now in order to express your handsome, it is to let him smoke cockticks and drink coffee and look very overbearing president. There is no problem in idol drama, but in the anti-war drama, this setting is too fake.


It is necessary to fight the knife to play the knife, and a close-up shot will take a cigar, which is in the military drama, not the anti-war drama. Such a drama, Li Youbin saw later, it must be hit. If I remember Li Youbin, Zhang Guangbei, but this new drama remembered the shiny hair.

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