The best dessert in Italy, there are even your favorite Tiramisu and horn bread

Italy is the cradle of European culture. It has a splendid ancient Roman civilization, and the origin of the Renaissance has gone out of many legendary characters such as Dante and Da Vinci.

Italian and pizza are famous for the world. In addition, there are so many species of desserts. There are desserts that constantly tease your taste buds on the streets or restaurants. You don’t even have to doubt whether there will be sweets after dinner. The answer is always loud

Sí, sí!


If you like desserts with different flavors, then these Italian desserts introduced next will be very suitable for you.

1. Apple filling


Where can I find the best?


—Trentino — Trenino-Alto Adige

When you think of Italian desserts, the traditional apple stuffing may be the farthest thing in your mind, but in the vast northern region of Italy, the Alpine peaks stand on the green alpine meadow. There are a lot of apples all year round. , Apple cheese rolls and other baked foods are very popular. If you like the delicious Apple School, you can find the best APFELSTRUDEL roll in Trenino-Alto Adige!

2. Ice cream Gelato, everywhere! Everywhere

Imagine in Italy, walking around with a cup of ice cream, this is the image of the Italians. The deliciousness of this ice cream is better than many


Italian dessert. You will find a store selling Gelato anywhere in every part of the country. From happy fruit, crispy biscuits (chocolate tablets sweet cream) and other classic flavors to Italian milk cheese and licorice exotic flavor, and various fruit flavors are available. Gelato is made in small batches, and it is frozen quickly and more delicious. The merchant does not use the ice cream spoon, and the authentic east and west are thrown out with a flat shovel.

3. Tiramisu, Tiramisu, Veneto-TRVEISO-VENeto

Tiramisu, made of crispy cakes and multi -layers of cheese in coffee. This kind of vulgar dessert is literally translated to “pick me up.” Sweets can also be injected with wine. Although it is not necessary, it tastes very unique. This kind of dessert is popular in Italy, but most of the menu menu is sold. Today, Tiramisu has become one of the most popular Italian food in the United States. Whether it is packed in a single glass or cut into small pieces like cakes, enjoy it with a spoon, which is great. There are many varies, including fruits, such as strawberries, and even peanut butter.

4. Cream roll Cannoli, Sicily Island


The term Cannoli is plural (Cannolo is a single), so please be careful not to use “a cannoli” to describe it. The popular Italian dessert (Dolci) from Sicily, the fried crispy biscuits are filled with sweet Italian milk cheese, and some are mixed with chocolate, honey or happy fruit. Cannoli is a traditional dessert of Sicily, but you will find it across the country. According to your location in Italy, the cream filling may also be mixed with chocolate or chocolate fragments.

5. Panna Cotta, Pipmond

This traditional Italian dessert originated in the PIEMONTE region, which is known for its dairy products, means “creamy cream”. Fresh cream is thickened with gelatin, and then put into a dome mold until it solidifies. Put some fresh fruits or drizzle chocolate or caramel sauce, and some may mix coffee, vanilla or other flavoring agents in cream.

6. sfogliaatelle, Naples-Camp Pania

SFOGLIATLLE (pronounced “SFOO-YAH-Tell-EH”) from Naples, it is the traditional Italian pastry. SFOGLIATLLE is Naples’s most famous dessert. The word means “lobster tail”, which refers to the layered structure of the shell. These layered structures become crispy when baking. The exquisite pastry is full of a mixture of sweet milk cheese and citrus skin, which brings it an appropriate amount of sweetness. It is fun to eat, and the most important thing is that you can enjoy it almost every day. You will definitely like to eat dessert in the afternoon, enjoy the leisure of the sun and the breeze of the Mediterranean.


7. Kantuch




The baked almond biscuits began with Tuscana. traditional


During the production, there was no butter or vegetable oil. Cut the dough into small pieces, bake it, and cut it with a sawtooth knife, and then bake the biscuits for the last time to make it dry and form a typical crispy taste. You need to put some almonds, but you can also replace them such as chocolate tablets, hazelnuts, happy fruit or dried fruit. Traditionally, these biscuits and Tuscana sweet wine VIN SANTO have been enjoyed, but they are also very suitable for coffee, tea or Kabchino coffee. Store with a sealed container will not be tide within a few weeks!


8. Pannitini Pannettone, Lunbaidi-Milan

Italian sweet bread originated in Milan and is now spread all over Italy. The fluffy cake has raisins and citrus peels. It is fluffy and rich in fruity, and often shares consumption on Christmas and New Year’s gatherings. Often used to use hot drinks or sweet wine, or cut into thin slices and crispy, coated with sweet cream mascarpone mixing together



9. Tartufo, Calabria Pizzo (Calabria)


TARTUFO means “truffle”, a bomb wrapped in a chocolate, with two flavors of ice cream and a syrup.

At that time, the desserter Giuseppe de Maria used this dessert to celebrate an important wedding. He made ice cream into a spherical shape, wrapped around the melted chocolate, and then sprinkled with sugar and cocoa powder. Since then, this dessert has begun to be popular in Pizzo, and Pizzo can be said to be the capital of the country’s ice cream. Today,


Tartufo di pizzo

It is still made of chocolate and hazelnut ice cream and is known as one of the best desserts in the world. This is also a certified IGP (geographical protection label) product, which means that only TARTUFO produced in Pizzo can bring this tag.

10. Zeppole, Lazio and Plia

These light and fluffy frying puffs are one of the traditional Roman desserts. Put them in a paper bag and shake it with sugar powder. It is the classic Italian street snack. It can also be in the plate and dip it in chocolate or raspberry flavoring sauce. High -end cream and cherry or blackBerry on the top. March 19 is the San GiusePpe Festival in Rome. Zeppole is to dedicate to the saints. On the same day, the hawkers would sell this kind of fried little puffs. This is the famous ones.

Zeppole di San Giuseppe.


11. Barbarum, Camp Pania-Naples

The sponge cake soaked in the Campania region has become the sign of Naples. Although it has a close connection with southern Italy, this crazy food called “Baba Napoli” is actually originated in Eastern Europe.

The private chef serving the nobles brought the sweets to Naples, and it quickly became popular in Naples. The cake is baked in a separate cylindrical mold, and then immersed in citrus syrup injected into the Cumo. It can be paired with a handful of fresh cream, but it is also very delicious.

12. Pasticciotto, Pillars Laiche

This dessert is similar to a round mini -section with chip -like skin, but the real surprise is still among them. The traditional Apulia Pasticciotto with creamy egg liquid filling is embellished with black cherries! This kind of dessert can also be found in other parts of Italy, full of syrup fruit stuffing, cream egg liquid and cream chocolate. The small round dessert makes the dinner sweeter and full of happiness.


13. BrioChes / Cornetti horn bread, everywhere! Everywhere


The production process of horn bread is complicated and time -consuming. After three folding and three refrigerated processes, you can make a triangular shape, and then coat the apricot sauce, chocolate sauce or cream and roll up. , Baked until golden, horn bread is usually divided into sweet, salty, hollow, cream, jam, chocolate filling.


The food does not distinguish between the borders, and the food is always on the road. The taste is the same. Thank you for your support and attention!


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