The cat -raising family should prepare a cat cage, do you know why?

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The cat cage is an indispensable thing in the process of raising cats. Do you know why?

I believe many shoveling officials agree with this view.

Today, this article is not about “cage raising cats”, nor is it purely scattered cat, but the reasonable application of cat cages in raising cats, and the reason for the must -have cat cage.

I personally advocate free -range recuperation, but it is not pure free -range. When necessary, you can close the cage for reference only!

Some people say that it is very cruel to put it in a cat cage, deprived of freedom. Please look down and understand it after reading it.

1. The body is not suitable to observe


If cats are unwell, such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms.

At this time, put it in a cat cage and placed at a glance at a glance. I think it is more convenient to observe the symptoms.

If you are not in a cat cage, you may not be able to observe its physical condition as soon as possible.


When cats are unwell, they may lack a sense of security and increase their awareness of protection. Drilling the dead ends at home can not come out. I think the cat cage is really true. What do you think?

Second, disease treatment

Here is a special cat moss.

But if there are no regional limits, many cats run away without the sun.

So cages are still important and useful.

Although the action is limited, the effect is played.

Tips for cat moss: Drop two drops of vitamin B in the water every day also have a effect on cat moss recovery.

3. Improve bad habits

If a cat has the habit of peeing often, then you have to prepare a cat cage.

Cat cages can prevent it from peeing everywhere at home. It will obediently go to the toilet in the cat sand pot in the cat cage.

And in improving this bad habit, it is a good way for the half -month cage.

Fourth, relieve the embarrassment of foreign guests


Some guests do not like cat hair or cats. At this time, a cage can play a very good role.

Put the cat temporarily in the cage, the guests will not be affected, they do not have to worry about the safety of the cat, and they will not be embarrassed because of the cat.

5. New cat isolation

When a new cat comes home, isolation is necessary to prevent disease infection.

If the home is relatively small, a cat cage is needed at this time.


6. Mother cat breastfeeding period

Many shoveling officers choose to make their cats born once. Some new cat mothers do not like to bring their children and have always wanted to go out to play, causing the children to lack milk and develop dysplasia.


If you prepare a cage, you can reduce this situation.


Seeing a lot of cat mothers like to hold the children around, putting it in a cage can also give the children a peaceful home.

Catc cages are still used a lot in actual life, including but not limited to these six points.

I personally advocate free -range recuperation, but the cat cage should also be available to prepare for urgent use. Try to choose a cat cage that can be folded. It can save a little in space.

I wonder what everyone thinks of cat cages? Do you need to prepare?


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